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Media Matters: three "tippy tappy typists" vs. the "One Man Content Provider"

Posted on November 7 2009 9:37 am
Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury, now entering its 11th year online. Her latest book is Acoustic Ladylandkathy shaidle, which Mark Steyn calls "a must-read."
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I write a weekly “talk radio watch” column for another website. All by myself, I listen to the big conservative talk radio shows, then assemble audio highlights and news bytes for folks who can’t keep up with Rush, Beck and company.

I only mention this because, in a bizarre inverse ratio, it evidently takes not one, not two, but three people to write a Media Matters column about just one talk radio show.

On Friday, Greg Lewis and “the Zacharys” filed their usual “Limbaugh Wire” offering. Author Mark Steyn sat in for Rush, and the George Soros Steno Pool clearly don’t relish their job quite so much when Limbaugh’s away.

In fact, no one on the Media Matters team could even be bothered to reach for a thesaurus. The trio used the word “rant” seven times between them to describe Steyn’s broadcasting style.

Now, I admit I’m biased. Full disclosure: Steyn wrote the intro to my book The Tyranny of Nice, and raised money for my legal defense fund. But “ranting” is not Steyn’s thing. Especially when compared to Mark Levin and Michael Savage (or even Limbaugh himself when agitated,) Steyn’s on air demeanor is mostly calm and low key:

But if you can’t mount substantive arguments against your opponents, then you’re forced to resort to lazy insults and fact-free cliches. As usual, the “Limbaugh Wire” (like so much of the “analysis” at Media Matters) consists simply of quoting Steyn word for word. No counterarguments are offered or required; Steyn’s “controversial” “rants” are self-evidently “shocking.”

Among the statements Media Matters objects to are these:

“Steyn said double-digit unemployment has been a feature of life in Germany and France for the past two decades.

“He also complained about media figures talking about post traumatic stress disorder in regards to [Fort Hood jihadist Major] Hasan, even though Hasan never served in combat. Steyn read a Newsweek blog post doing just that…

“Steyn said that we owe it to the victims of the shooting to address the motivations and impulses that underpinned the attack.

“Steyn claimed that the media would be quick to jumping to a conclusion about a theoretical shooter if there had been a shooting at the NAACP on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, or if Steyn himself were to shoot up a gay bath house on Judy Garland’s birthday.”

These are “controversial” statements, apparently.

And it takes three fellows to type them up for our edification. Are Steyn’s words like Kryptonite to leftwing beta males? Are these guys forced to take turns using the keyboard between fits of the vapors?

Or are they each assigned different letters of the alphabet? Do the other two munch Doritos while the third “works,” or is one tasked with hitting the rewind button on the RealPlayer pop up?

Steyn calls himself the “One Man Global Content Provider.” Odd that not even three “tippy tappy typists” (as Steyn calls them) are capable of landing a single blow in the dark Media Matters alleyway.

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