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MsNBC is no longer pretending to be real news.

Posted on November 6 2009 2:00 pm
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If you put lipstick on a bulldog – it’s still a bulldog, but if a news network puts lipstick on The Village Voice’s Michael Musto and portray him as Sarah Palin – then they are no longer a news network.  NBC has been the host to Saturday Night Live’s fake and funny news for decades. Now, thanks to Countdown with Keith Olbermann, NBC’s cable news network MsNBC has become equally fake news but far less funny.

Here is the biggest mockery of a news segment you may ever see (you might want to cover the eyes of small children-or yourself for that matter):

There you  have it.  Lawrence O’Donnell, filling in for Keith Olbermann on Countdown, has just officially killed the credibility of MSNBC.  He allows the Voice’s Musto to cross-dress as Sarah Palin and then do two of the most awful fake speeches of hers one could possibly imagine. How is that news? At least Tina Fey’s impersonation was good and funny. Her jokes were often witty political satire.  Musto offers none of that.  This isn’t funny, good, or witty.  And it definitely isn’t news. Musto is a trainwreck who shouldn’t be allowed to post on You Tube let alone be the number 1 story on MsNBC’s prime time news hour.

O’Donnell tries to set up this “news” story by portraying Palin as a horrible speech writer. He is reporting on a new book that claims Palin had speeches ready to deliver the night of the election. Besides having Musto deliver “excerpts” from these speeches which were never given, he allows Musto to continually make ridiculous swipes at Palin that are  never backed up with facts. The goal of both men is clearly to make Palin out to be a fool who has no political future.  In the end, MsNBC is the only thing that looks foolish.

Here are a few of the mindless remarks of Musto:

“I always count on Sarah Palin to… sugarcoat her hideousness a little bit more.”

“A victory speech is something Sarah Palin is not gonna make except on Top Chef or something which is probably where she’ll end up.”

“Though I think [Todd Palin] is going to be the ex-dude according to the gossip I’ve been reading.”

When I was on college radio 10 years ago my best friend and I did a fake interview of Bill Clinton during the halftime of a football game.  We thought it was humorous satire.  Right after we went off the air we got a call from the station manager. If we ever pulled a stunt like that again we would be fired instantly. Such fake news interviews were not up to the standards of a college radio station in Terre Haute, Indiana. Yet this drivel is the top story on MsNBC.

I thought Fox News was supposed to be fake news. Well, now the Village Voice has turned MsNBC into The Villiage Idiot.

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