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Glenn Beck Nearly Dies and the Left Cheers

Posted on November 5 2009 8:12 am


For those who missed it, Glenn Beck left his radio program early yesterday, saying he felt ill. Filling in on his TV show, Judge Andrew Napolitano announced Beck has a case of appendicitis. The Left reacted with its usual reaction: glee and bloodlust. A few of left-wing headlines shout:

The latter story reads:

Glenn Beck suffered an appendicitis attack on-air today.

It was during his radio program, so sadly there is no video of Glenn clutching his abdomen, vomiting, and finally collapsing in pain.

Beck is expected to make a full recovery, after his appendix was removed at “an undisclosed hospital.”

Glenn Beck’s Appendix Makes A Break For It“:

This morning, during his radio show, Glenn Beck suffered a mutiny staged by the only internal organ he has that exhibits any signs of intelligence…

And the caring folks at Democratic Underground wrote such sentiments as:

It’s par for the course for the politcal hacks who alternately lecture conservatives about the all-important virtue of civility, lie about conservative incivility, and dream of the day they can bring back duels.

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