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Emperor Obama's New Clothes

Posted on November 5 2009 7:29 am
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Obama arrogance

Dennis Miller likened President Obama’s coattail effect on “The Factor” last night to that of a “naked midget.”  I will stick with the less politically incorrect  “emperor’s new clothes” model.   Either way, the election results in New Jersey and Virginia were a disaster for Obama.   While his personal likeability appears to be nearly intact, President Obama’s leftist policies of “tax-and-spend” and “government-is-the-total-solution” took an enormous hit from the voters.

New Jersey has to be especially troublesome to the Obamamaniacs.  Having lived there myself for twenty years, I saw how New Jersey turned into an ultra blue state, but with one caveat – the voters’ willingness to turn on a dime against politicians who deliver high taxes when they had promised the opposite.

Governor Corzine had promised that he would tackle the high property taxes crushing the residents of New Jersey and instead pursued policies that increased the burden on the middle class.   This was not the local issue that the White House spinmeisters would have us believe.  High taxes are, and always have been, a national concern in whatever form they are levied.  

Obamacare will end up imposing higher taxes and fees on the middle class, while adding to the deficit.   The cap-and-trade energy legislation being pushed by the Obama administration is in reality a cap-and-tax bill – it will increase the energy bill of the average American family by thousands of dollars a year.  The American people are taking note and will respond accordingly in the midterm elections next November.

MSNBC’s  host of “Hardball”, Chris Matthews, dismissed the significance of the New Jersey results by calling it:

a tremendous pushback…against big, pggish money in American politics.

I think that Matthews has been beaned in the head one too many times by his own hardballs.  If it had not been for Corzine’s outsized spending and onslaught of negative ads,  Corzine would have lost by double digits.  And that is not even considering the impact of the independent candidate whom the Democrats aided in the shadows (no doubt with some Corzine money) in order to siphon off votes from Chris Christie.

As for the lack of coattails,  it is true that Obama was not running himself this year.  But he came to New Jersey three times to campaign with Corzine, who also linked himself at the hip with Obama in his ads.   Moreover, Obama’s campaign operatives worked overtime with the Corzine campaign on its message.

The rebuke by one of the country’s bluest states shows that Emperor Obama has no clothes.

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