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Mohamed ElBaradei is Leaving, and Good Riddance.

Posted on November 4 2009 1:25 am
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elbaradei and ahmadinejad

This is Mohamed ElBaradei’s last month as Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The IAEA is charged with monitoring nuclear proliferation, with special emphasis on the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Although the IAEA is an autonomous organization and not under direct control of any United Nations body, it does, in fact, report its findings to both the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council.  Under ElBaradei’s stewardship, however, the IAEA has become nothing more that another politically charged, anti-American, anti-Israeli corrupt entity following the standard UN blueprint.

Democracy Now! made note last night of ElBaradei’s final report before he turns over leadership of the Agency to his successor. True to form, ElBaradei took the opportunity to both congratulate himself on a job well done and to criticize the United States:

Mohamed ElBaradei: I will always lament the fact that a tragic war was launched in Iraq, which has cost the lives of possibly hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. This was done on the basis of false pretext, without the authorization from the Security Council and despite the Agency (IAEA) and the United Nations monitoring, verification and inspection commission having found no evidence that Iraq had revived its nuclear weapon program or programs involving other weapons of mass destruction. It gives me no consolation that the Agency’s finding was subsequently vindicated.

The United States, he concluded, invaded Iraq under “false pretenses,” despite his protestations.

Democracy Now!’s coverage pretty much ended on that note, which is not unusual for a program which makes no real effort at presenting a balanced view of any story they choose to cover. There were, however, other examples of “false pretenses,” involving ElBaradei himself, that the network completely glossed over.

No mention was made by Democracy Now!, for example, of ElBaradei’s pro-Iranian bias. He is almost an apologist for Iran and has taken positions regarding that country that are in direct violation of three United Nations Security Council resolutions. He was so soft on Iran’s covert nuclear weapons program, in fact, that France publicly accused him of deliberately hiding evidence of Iran’s work on a nuclear bomb.

Nor was any mention made of reports that the ElBaradei’s IAEA actually suppressed evidence given to it by Western intelligence agencies, which suggested that Iran had secretly combined uranium processing with airborne high-explosive tests in an effort to revamp a missile cone in a way that would allow it to carry a nuclear warhead.

The report on ElBaradei also glossed over the fact that Director ElBaradei emphatically stated a few years ago that there was absolutely no evidence of a “concrete, active nuclear weapons program” going on inside Iran, and that attacking Iran would “lead absolutely to disaster,” even though he knew that they were working on a nuclear weapons program.

Predictably, Democracy Now!’s report was little more than a puff piece glorifying ElBaradei on the eve of his departure.

There is one other fact that Democracy Now! failed to note in connection with its piece on ElBaradei: the fact that he will not be universally missed.

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