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Media Matters: how Eric Boehlert became illiterate

Posted on November 3 2009 9:00 am
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For a so-called “watchdog,” mandated to expose “inaccuracies,” Media Matters isn’t terribly scrupulous about its columnists’ own mistakes.

This morning, Eric “The Excitable” Boehlert outdid himself with another one of his typo-ridden screeds.

His post, entitled “How Chris Wallace became irrelevant” begins:

In September, I detailed how Fox’s Chris Wallace, who used to enjoy [sic] sort of hold [sic] himself up [sic] being part [sic] from the [sic] boisterous Fox News, [sic: comma splice] how Wallace like [sic] to present himself as the adult supervising the Fox News romper room, had gulped the kool-aid [sic?] and embraced the Glenn Beck era if [sic] Fox Land.

No doubt veteran newsman Chris Wallace is now trembling behind the Fox News photocopier, shamed and shaken to the bone, having just been declared “irrelevant” by a guy whose typing — one hesitates to call it “writing” — approximates that of a trained chimp in a backwater flea circus.

In another post this morning, Boehlert gloats that, contrary to predictions made by conservative media pundits, Fox News’ ratings didn’t “soar” or “go through the roof” after it was targeted by the Obama White House.

Boehlert contends that the cable giant’s ratings have, in fact, “flatlined.” Fine.

So… the most powerful man in the world, and his minions, launched  a wall to wall smear campaign to demonize an insufficiently laudatory media outlet, and this toxic onslaught had… no effect whatsoever?

That IS what you just inadvertently admitted, isn’t it, Eric?

Compared to those of its competition, Fox News’ ratings look like this, and have for some time:



If that’s a “flatline”, all I can say is: we’re lucky Boehlert went to UMass for Near Eastern studies, instead of to medical school.

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