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Shorter Media Matters: "Rush Limbaugh is a big meanie man"

Posted on November 2 2009 8:48 am
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George Soros‘s Media Matters fancies itself a “watchdog,” but more often than not, it comes across as a hyperactive lap dog, snapping wildly at every sound, however innocuous.

Case in point: Media Matters is predictably outraged about pretty much everything Rush Limbaugh said during his interview with Chris Wallace yesterday. Their headline calls the Fox News interview a “half-hour deluge of misinformation.”

Reasonably enough, Media Matters presents graphs challenging Limbaugh’s assertions about the economy.

Yet after they run out of charts (which is pretty quickly), Media Matters resorts to the left’s laziest rhetorical technique: simply quoting their opponent’s more “incendiary” statements word for word, without comment. No analysis, insight or refutations are unnecessary, you see: this person’s words are self-evidently worthy of condemnation by all right-thinking (that is, leftist) folks.

So Media Matters slams Limbaugh for referring to President Obama as an “inexperienced” “man-child.” But Obama is young and inexperienced, compared to most other men who’ve sat in the Oval Office. Media Matters didn’t blink when Hillary Clinton made an observation last year that Rush himself might have been proud of, snarking that her fellow Democratic Presidential candidate’s biggest accomplishment was a speech he gave in 2004.

Again and again, the Media Matters’ “take down” of Rush’s interview amounts to nothing more than a transcript of what he said, which one could just as easily acquire from the Fox News website. Occasionally, they bother to “bold” the parts they find particularly egregious — the left’s equivalent of scrawling “NOT TRUE!!!” in the margin of a school book.

Media Matters can’t refute Rush’s opinions because they are just that: opinions. They may not go down well among the bien pensant at the Media Matters office, but 20 million Americans clearly find them sound or at least worthy of consideration.

Wouldn’t it be daring and courageous for the George Soros Steno Pool to stop merely quoting Rush (in bold type or otherwise) and instead, go after all those loyal listeners who likely share his views?

Or would that take a couple of accessories the average neutered Papillon no longer has at his disposal?

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