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Smarmy Sanchez Part 5: Desperate for Reasons to Attack SC Republicans

Posted on October 30 2009 4:00 pm
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You’ve got to love the crack research of Rick Sanchez. Most news websites have a feature where you can put in key words, so that when those terms come up in a story you get an email.  CNN’s Sanchez must have that feature for “Republican,” “Scandal,” and “South Carolina.” He saw a pointless news story this week about the sexual indiscretion of a guy who held elected office 20 years ago and somehow decided it was worthy of a segment of his afternoon show on the global news network.

Sanchez starts his coverage by asking,

“What’s up with South Carolina Republicans?”

He sets up his new “scandal” with the real national scandal involving Governor Mark Sanford, Congressman Joe Wilson saying “you lie” (which Sanchez delivers with a fake southern accent that sounded more redneck than Joe Wilson,) and then he mentions some obscure news report about two county chairmen using a Jewish stereotype.

Sanchez reported on that small town local report last week like it was major national news and now he’s got another “whopper.”  A deputy assistant general (Roland Corning) in Columbia lost his job, because he was up to hanky panky in his car near at a cemetery. Creepy? Yeah. Illegal? No. I live in a town of 4000 and that would have been a big deal here for a week. Sanchez has to try to blow up the story like it somehow adds to the evil of Republicans from South Carolina.

Is Corning really that important?  He was an elected State Representative 20 years ago!  Sanchez only had one file picture to show of the guy and it was from 1990.  In 1990 Corning was 47 years old.  He is now 66. Hey Rick, if the story is worthy of CNN, maybe you shouldn’t use a picture older than most of your Facebook friends.

But I guess we shouldn’t expect a guy who fabricates history when convenient, or doesn’t check his sources on fake racist quotes by media giants, to do the work of getting a somewhat recent picture.

Why would Sanchez cherrypick a local story about county chairmen using poor terminology about Jews one week and the next week report a story about an indiscretion of a man who held elected office 20 years ago?  One reason: it enabled him to bring up both Sanford and Wilson again in order to attack the Right. He can put them all together to create this meta-narrative that Republicans – and especially South Carolina Republicans — are hypocrites and racists. Thus he can argue that Republicans appear more and more to be racist hypocrites who have no credibility and should be ignored – especially when they speak out against the policies of President Barack Obama.

How long will Sanchez continue this approach? I have no idea. But reader beware: if you were ever a Republican who held any elected office (no matter how small) in South Carolina, you might want to be sure not to have any overdue library books or unpaid parking tickets, or else you might be the next feature on CNN Newsroom with Smarmy Sanchez.

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