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Generation South Park, Part 2: Stan Takes On Sissy Environmentalists

Posted on October 29 2009 6:00 pm
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This is Generation Y Conservatism's approach to politics.

Editor’s Note: Click here for Part 1 of Chris Yogerst’s “Generation South Park” series.

“America’s Generation Y (born between 1980 and 1995) is the first to have grown up with the Internet, which leaves it the most liberty-loving generation since the era of Andrew Jackson.”

These are the words of Jim Burkee, associate professor at Concordia University Wisconsin, in a piece about the politics of Generation Y.  He continues:

“What does it mean to have been weaned in an environment – the Internet – virtually free of government interference? Millions of Gen-Yers have grown accustomed to making purchases online tax-free. They download movies and music (much of it pirated), read their news online for free (to the detriment of print media), find recipes online and network with friends and relatives online.

In short, they love their freedom.”

This freedom awarded an entire generation more liberties than any in recent history. One major advantage here, and of the internet specifically, is the lack of regulation allowed for a freedom of ideas like never before.  This has given Generation Y an opportunity to see and read everything they want while finding their political footing, creating an exceptionally aggressive group of young conservatives.

Standing strong against weak leftists as usual, Comedy Central’s South Park continues to help influence a definition of Generation Y Conservatism.

This week’s South Park gave us a look at a specific member of the cowardly left: environmentalists. Stan’s attitude towards them is a direct replication of how a Gen Y Conservative feels.  He calls them out as phonies and even shows them how to win at their own game.

On Stan’s birthday visit to the Denver zoo, an army of Japanese poachers kill all of the dolphins and whales.  This started a trend that spread across America.  Stan becomes determined to fight against whaling and asks some of his friends for help.  Cartman replied (in song),

“I don’t give a crap about whales so go and hug a tree.”

In order to fight against the Japanese Stan joins the team of “pirates” from the show Whale Wars.  “We’re Badass” and “we’re pirates” are some of the self-definitions from the ship’s deck hands.

When they find the Japanese whaling ship, Stan realized they are not as tough as advertised.  Their view of “badass” is throwing stinky butter at the Japanese (yeah, that will show em’.)  One deck hand even says,

“The Japanese are scared of how hardcore we are.”

Their captain is then shot by a spear gun from the whaling boat, proving how unafraid the Japanese truly are of them.  Stan realizes that sissy tactics are not going to change anything so he proceeds to shoot a flare gun at some gasoline canisters on board the Japanese whaling ship, sinking it.  When asked, “What did you do?”  Stan answered,

“What you a**holes were pretending you were doing!”

What this show does best for Gen Y Conservatism is highlight how the movement has a zero tolerance policy for wimpy “do-gooders.”  This is a generation of center-right thinkers that are not afraid to confront the problems they see.  That being said, we are also fearless in calling the game like we see it on all levels.  On top of hypocritical environmentalists, we are not afraid to call Islamofascists, radical professors, and the socialist members of the Democratic Party exactly what they are: dangerous saboteurs of American liberty.

This is, in part, due to the fact that pop culture is larger and more influential than ever. It is also more liberal than it has ever been in the past (which is why Gen Y Conservatives love South Park’s anti-liberal antics.) Growing up surrounded by the ideas of the left, with only sprinklings of conservatism in mass culture provides young conservatives with a stronger urge to fight back than ever before.

Burkee goes on to explain why Gen Y has a political advantage over other generations:

“The truth is, this generation, which seems not to fit in any neat political category, is more ideologically consistent than either Democrats or Republicans… generation Y, and the iPod generation to follow, likely will redefine what it means to be conservative or liberal. The first party to understand this and adjust will dominate America’s political landscape in the future.”

This understanding is why Gen Y Conservatives will be much more effective than generations past. We are an extremely confident group who understand the beliefs of others as well as our own.

Shows like South Park have sparked a backlash toward so-called “progressives” and created a conservative pop culture phenomenon.  When viewing Breitbart’s Big Hollywood blog,, or it’s easy to see that young conservatives are increasingly and aggressively standing up against the Left.

Click here for Part 3 of “Generation South Park.”

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