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Yet Again Rush Limbaugh Plays the MSM For Fools

Posted on October 28 2009 4:00 pm
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Two MSNBC anchors reaffirm their membership in the Humorless Left.

Don’t you hate it when everyone in the room gets a joke and you don’t?  And because you don’t get it, you end up becoming the joke itself?  Well MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews are famous for that.  These are the guys in school you would dare to do stupid things just to see how gullible they are.

On Monday Rush Limbaugh reported on his radio show about a fake college thesis attributed to a young Barack Obama.  Later in the show he revealed the thesis was satire.  He then went on to say that even though he knows it is a fake quote – he stands by it.  Watch the reactions of Matthews and Olbermann.

Here’s Chris Matthews in near disbelief at the gall of Limbaugh:


And here’s Olbermann on the same night – using Rush’s quote as proof he was the “worst person in the world”:

Limbaugh: “But we know he thinks it…We know how he feels about distribution of wealth…so we stand by the fabricated quote because we know Obama thinks it anyway”.

Matthew and Olbermann both tore into Limbaugh for saying that.  Olbermann names other conservatives who fell for the thesis story but were willing to pull back, but not Limbaugh.  Matthews shook his head in shame as he said,

“You can’t beat that.  Did you hear that?”

Olbermann and Matthews are completely clueless that Limbaugh is making an obvious joke.  You would think these guys missed the whole story the fake racist quote.  It was only a week or two ago that the whole world began to attribute false quotes to Limbaugh about thinking slavery wasn’t such a bad thing.  Many commentators attacked him with reckless abandon based on those alleged remarks.  However, when they found out the quotes were fabricated, many stood by their attacks.  Why?  Because they knew Limbaugh was truly a racist at heart — even if they didn’t have any evidence to prove it.

One of Limbaugh’s greatest talents is to make jokes in such a way that media leftists completely miss it. Then they talk about him for the next news cycle.  He plays them for fools and gets to mock them the next day. In fact, he did just that on his radio show yesterday.  When are these guys going to learn that they are pawns for the enjoyment of conservatives everywhere?

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