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Lunch Break

Posted on October 28 2009 11:00 am
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This tribute to my friend suggests that women of the Ice Age,  the
keepers of the fire,  were also the artists of the cave.  Were they
the first to proclaim that life is worth living?   Were they the
creators of civilization?

Sonnet to an Artist

by Jim Douthit
To Eloise Beranek of Ord, Nebraska

She stands upon a hilltop as light begins to fade,

Below,  a stream feeds flowered fields and her hungry eyes;

She mixes muddy pigments between impatient sighs

And awakes the palette’s pulsing hues from their primeval shade.

She splashes form to matter with swishing brush and blade,

Bright oils bold bring meaning and unmask truth’s gray disguise;

On her canvas, Time,  the wraith,  is captured by surprise,

And the ogres,  Loneliness and Night,  she faces unafraid;

For another Eve of  long ago christened earth for men,

Defied the ice and darkness and drew pictures in a cave;

In the wind she hears her voice,  above all wars or wealth,

And,  like a sweaty goddess,  comes to save the world again;

With breezy fingers in her hair,  smock smudged with colors brave,

Painting dreams no others know,  her purpose is herself!

–from “Hodgepodge,”   1990


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