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Fidel Castro’s Sister Drops a Bombshell

Posted on October 28 2009 1:25 am
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Samuel Johnson once remarked that seeing a dog walking badly using only its hind legs would not be surprising. What would be surprising, he said, was seeing a dog walking on its hind legs in the first place. Similarly, coming upon a poorly developed story on the Marxist network Democracy Now! having anything to say which would reflect unfavorably on a fellow Marxist would not be a surprise. The surprise would come with the realization that the story was run at all.

Here is a truly uninformative piece (posted in its entirety), as presented by Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman; which must have pained her to read, as it affects one of the left’s iconic figures-Fidel Castro of Cuba:

Amy Goodman: Fidel and Raul Castro’s sister has admitted she spied on her brothers for the CIA in the 1960s. Juanita Castro disclosed her role as a spy in a new memoir. Juanita initially hailed the Cuban revolution but later became disillusioned by the actions of her brothers.

Could it be? The sister of the dictatorial Castro brothers of Cuba, leaders of the Western Hemisphere’s Marxist paradise–where every day seems like it’s 1959–became “disillusioned by the actions of her brothers”?

What could the Castro brothers have possibly done to disillusion their sister so much (and so quickly), that she became an informant for the Central Intelligence Agency within two years of Fidel having seized power?

Juanita Castro: He [Fidel] betrayed the thousands of us who suffered and fought for the revolution that he had offered, one that was generous and just and would bring peace and democracy to Cuba, and which, as he himself had promised, would be as ‘Cuban as palm trees’.

Ms. Castro does mention a few specific incidents (which Goodman may find unpleasant to hear), which drove her to exile and made her an enemy of her brothers’ regime.

First off, he lied to his people.

Ms. Castro was shocked when her brother Fidel, who had previously denied publicly that he was a communist, went on to declare, after he had seized power, that “he was a Marxist-Leninist and that he would remain one for the rest of his life.”

Juanita Castro: Fidel’s radical change to communism was not out of political conviction, but simply out of the need to hold power, which is what has always been important to him. Without the Russians he would not have been able to carry on. He turned to the Soviet Union to perpetuate himself in power.

Then, after fully consolidating his power (seizing control of the press, private property, factories, etc.), what was Fidel Castro’s next step? Actually, he did what any true Marxist-Leninist would do: he began executing his political opponents. He became, as his sister describes him, the ultimate “despot.”

Fast-forward fifty years, and not much has changed in Cuba. The Castro Brothers still rule with an iron fist, and the country is an economic basket case.

Goodman’s report makes no mention of any of these unpleasant details.

No surprise there.

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