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Comment of the Day: Understanding Liberation Theology

Posted on October 25 2009 5:30 pm
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Here’s someone who seems to know what he’s talking about commenting on Paul Cooper’s NewsReal Sunday post and responding to another commenter:
2009 October 25

The only research I need on this subject is the testimony of those who where and continue to be victims of the virulent Marxist version of Liberation Theology that still continues to haunt Central and South America residents.

Liberation Theology is another leftist sham in which the very same platform of the left, social justice, free housing, free health care, free food, free clothing, free everything, is taken almost whole cloth and wrongly given the association with Jesus and with the Catholic Church in particular!

I was raised in the Catholic Church, was in the Seminary, had an uncle who was monsignor in said church. Some of the most virulent leftists and liberals I have come across are priests and nuns for chrissakes! Do not try and tell me what “Liberation Theology” is and is not, been there done that, got the collar! Madre Dios!

Elements within the Catholic Church have long been identified as being sympathetic to communism and particularly to the Castro/Che inception of communism still causing trouble in Central and South America. We could not understand back here at home why priests and nuns where being murdered in the Central and South American conflicts, it was shocking and disturbing. But what many found out in latter years about those murders was more shocking and disturbing than the actual murders themselves.

The revelation that Catholic priests and nuns where giving aid, comfort, and material support to the communists was, by the time learned I learned of it, not surprising at all! Usually as long any clergy stays directly out of any conflict the combatants of either side will leave them alone. But when said clergy venture into the conflict via this Liberation Theology tripe for instance, then all bets are off from then on!

The Catholic Church throughout it’s history has walked a thin line in dealing with oppressive governments and tyrants, many times making choices that end up being deals with he devil himself, something which Jesus adamantly opposed. This is mostly because the Church is run and staffed by weak and fallible humans clinging to an old religious bureaucracy that has outlived it’s usefulness becoming the thing that Jesus hated and detested most, a pompous bureaucratic religious edifice! Just like the Temple in Jerusalem that he railed against because of what it had become! What else can we expect from an organization so rife with all the ills of any modern day socio-political behemoth!

So I am painting Liberation Theology with a broad brush, because it does cover a broad spectrum, a broad spectrum of liberal, communist, socialist, leftist ideologies! In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen!

America Again in 2010!

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