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Embarrassing Leftist Ad Hominem of the Day: Conservatives are Stormtroopers

Posted on October 24 2009 3:47 pm
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The most recent group shot of NewsReal's bloggers. The short one that's second from the left in the first row is Kathy "Five Feet of Fury" Shaidle.

From Kathy Shaidle’s post from 10 days ago about Rush Limbaugh, a new commenter just left this so-bad-it’s-good comment:

2009 October 24
Mark Padgett permalink

Quantcast“Limbaugh is raking in the bucks, while his detractors are losing their jobs. That pretty much tells me all I need to know”

Wow, success in the market place makes your position on something correct?

Does that nean that Charlie Sheen’s 10 million-plus viewers every week for “Two And A Half Men” makes his 911 conspiracy theories true?

You are pathetic and weak – bowing down subserviently to a drug addict cult leader who doesn’t give a snot about you.

You have no logic. Must be another one of Rush’s satisfied customers.

Liberals – by definition – are more open minded. Conservatives are rigid stormtroopers waiting for the next order from their leaders.

One knows that meaningful dialogue is impossible when he puts forth his brainless Charlie Sheen/Truther comparison.

Mark is an all but textbook example of a leftist troll. (And don’t you dare call him liberal.) Liberals are indeed open minded. Thus by his own definition Mark is not a liberal. At his very first NewsReal comment what does he choose to do? Not engage in dialogue or try and understand Kathy’s argument — but to ridicule, distort, and sabotage.

It is modern day “conservatives” who are the defenders of the liberal tradition. Not the leftists who have hijacked the term as cover for their own nihilistic schemes.

[Sorry to feed the troll. I really can’t help myself sometimes.]

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