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Media Matters gloats because Beck's ratings are… exactly the same

Posted on October 23 2009 9:00 am
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Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

Today, Media Matters‘ Eric “the Excitable” Boehlert trumpets the news that the ratings for Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News are down:

…the ironclad Beltway CW this week has been that the White House’s decision to fact-check Fox News has been a huge tactical mistake, partly because it will simply spike Fox News’ ratings. (…)

Well, guess what? Glenn Beck ratings are not up this week. In fact, they’re down as compared to last week even though the topic of the White House/Fox News fueled has exploded this week across the media landscape. All the pundits who announced the White House completely screwed up by fact-checking Fox News, were sure Fox News’ ratings were going to soar. Except they haven’t. Instead, they’ve gone down this week.

Last week, Beck’s show averaged 2.9 million viewers, which is consistent with the viewership Beck has been drawing for several weeks now. So far this week, the show is drawing 2.6 million viewers. It’s a small dip, to be sure. (…) So I’ll ask again, why are Glenn Beck ratings down this week?

So just to review: Glenn Beck’s ratings are down this week.

Of course, another way of looking at it is that Glenn Beck’s ratings are exactly the same as they’ve been for a while — which Media Matters admits.

As well, Beck is the talk of the industry because he’s getting these numbers in the no-man’s-land time slot of 5PM ET. This is, quite simply, an unheard-of achievement in the history of television.

And overall, Fox News’ ratings are exponentially higher than those of left-leaning cable outlets like MSNBC. All that in the face of that “Glenn Beck boycott” that Media Matters is always touting, even though it’s been an obvious failure.

In fact, a new “study” from former Clinton operative James Carville’s group reports that:

More than half of the respondents in our conservative Republicans groups indicated that they try to watch or listen to Beck on a daily basis, with some going to great lengths to ensure they (and their families) do not miss a thing.

Some may find that troubling. Others may consider it heartening. But here’s what’s funny: I don’t think fans of Keith Olbermann are so dedicated.

PS: will George Soros check for spare change in his couch cushions and spring for a copy editor? Since I’ve been on this “beat,” I’ve rarely read a Media Matters post that didn’t have at least one typo. You’d almost think they didn’t care about “accuracy.”

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