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Comment of the Day: Is What Irritates the Left about Sarah Palin What Energizes the Right?

Posted on October 23 2009 5:50 pm
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Swemson, one of NewsReal’s most loyal readers, made this comment on Mike Rulle’s post today on Sarah Palin:

2009 October 23
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// And WHY did Sarah make the far left so crazy.. ?

They didn’t attack her because of her political record…

They didn’t attack her because of the way she communicates with an audience …

They didn’t attack her because of her views on the war…

They didn’t attack her because of her views on the economy…


They attacked her because of the way she threw her personal religious beliefs and moral principals, right in their face, and that made them absolutely freak out…

Hence my theory that we stand a much better chance of getting our country back by leaving religious issues out of the political debate.. at last for the next 2 elections…

By doing that, we take from them one of their most powerful weapons to use against us…..

If we create a platform based on the major issues of national security, and a free & vibrant economy, they literally have nothing but BS lies to throw back at us.. and the American people are beginning to get hip to their lies.

I respect Swemson and his thinking but disagree with this particular set of conclusions. What Swemson seems to forget is that the same issues that he cited as causing the attacks against Palin are the issues which also so energized the base into such enthusiasm.

Further, were Palin’s expressed religious views all that different from George W. Bush’s? Being an open, proud Christian didn’t seem to prevent him from being elected.

I’m not sure telling the Conservative Movement’s Evangelicals and social cons to just shut their mouths is really either an effective or practical strategy.

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