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Media Matters Admits Racist Rush Quotes "Were not Necessarily Accurate"

Posted on October 22 2009 9:00 am
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Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Fake but accurate! Today, the indispensible “Radio Equalizer,” Brian Maloney, has the scoop. On a radio program yesterday, Media Matters‘ Karl Frisch and liberal host Stephanie Miller had the following exchange:

MILLER (3:36): He (Limbaugh) made a big deal out of you know that people had gotten those two quotes about what was it, slavery and James Earl Ray? (Miller laughing) And so those two out of a lifetime of documented racist comments he didn’t say.

KARL FRISCH: You know, in fairness to Rush, those two out of literally dozens of racist things were not necessarily accurate. We were never able to find them. We’ve had people call us trying to find it. We don’t know where they came from. They could just be Internet apparitions. But you know, that being said, anyone who wants to know how racist he is, we’re happy to give them other examples.

MILLER: In fact we always send people to you guys because you guys are obviously the most reputable around, in terms of you always make sure everything’s sourced. So, if it is on there you know it’s true. So, you know but hilarious isn’t it how Rush is whining about this?

In fact, conservative bloggers (who aren’t on George Soros‘ payroll) claim they’ve sourced these “internet apparitions” to the I.P. address connected to a liberal New York law firm.

I can’t find a retraction or apology on the Media Matters site, but will keep looking.

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