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Chris Matthews Does Not Understand the Military

Posted on October 22 2009 5:00 pm
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When my husband and I lived in West Berlin during the late 1970s, it was a common joke that if war broke out, the enemy would simply hang up POW signs. I really didn’t get the joke at the time. So my husband explained, “We are 110 miles inside communist country. All those armed guards stationed on the wall have to do is turn around and point their rifles toward our side.” Until that moment, I didn’t realize that the Berlin Wall was around us—not them.

My excuse for my simplistic view of the world was my youth. As a military wife living in an occupied city I caught on quickly–we weren’t in Kansas anymore.

The life of a soldier or police officer is so foreign to the Left that it falls into the Twilight Zone category. Chris Matthews, host of “Hardball” and Obama’s faithful shoeshine boy, proved that point in his recent interview with Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, when he asked Rhodes with a straight face, “What scenario do you live in?”

From the start, Matthews came at Rhodes, firing off statements and accusations disguised as questions.

A disabled paratrooper and a graduate of Yale Law School, where he not only won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights, Rhodes also assisted in teaching U.S. military history. Nonetheless, Matthews painted him as a delusional militia recruiter.

After picking out only four of the orders Oath Keepers pledge not to obey, Matthews asked,

“Do you guys have the current fire power to stand up against the Federal Government if you people are ordered to do those things?”

Notice, Rhodes was obviously under the impression he was having an intelligent discussion and explained that they were calling on active military and police to stand by their oath, and simply stand down, and refuse to comply with unlawful orders.

Matthews: “I want to know about operations, I don’t care about your philosophy…”

“What I don’t like about people who are armed, who are being recruited to stand up in some operation, I want to know when you would call your forces together and challenge the authority of the U.S. Government.”

So much for his “Maybe I’m too normal” theory.

Rhodes: “We are trying to prevent this country from suffering the abuse and the violation of rights that has happened in other countries in recent history.”

Under the thin veil of questioning, Matthews used an array of rhetorical crayons to color Rhodes as paranoid and delusional.

Matthews: “How many hours a day do you worry about the constitution being undermined by Barrack Obama? Undermined. In other words your rights being taken away, concentration camps being formed, foreign troops being landed, the black helicopters stopping at a base near you. How many hours a day do you think about this probability, or plausibility? Sir. How many hours a day do you actually worry about this. Seriously.”

Matthews called in Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center to underscore his point. Instead, he highlighted mine.

The Left will never understand the life of military personnel, or their sense of duty and loyalty to America. Leftists will always see police as “pigs,” our military as “baby-killers,” and Mao as a great political leader. And yet, as long as we have honorable men and women willing to protect our Constitution and keep their oaths, The Wall will stay in ruins and our experiment in liberty will continue.

Which scenario do you live in?

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