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Liberal Bias is Killing the New York Times

Posted on October 21 2009 1:25 am
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The path towards irrelevancy and future insolvency taken by The New York Times continues at a frenetic pace. Democracy Now! is reporting that the publication has announced the elimination of another 100 newsroom positions, or about eight percent of the paper’s news staff, due to declining advertising revenues and circulation numbers that are in freefall.

Why are subscribers (and advertisers) of The New York Times fleeing to other newspapers (such as the Wall Street Journal, whose circulation numbers have remained steady), or to other avenues such as Fox News, for their news and information?

There is only one answer: The New York Times has a proclivity towards left-wing bias and unbalanced reporting of the news.

Even a cursory glance of the paper reveals its pervasive editorializing, which comes through loud and clear everywhere from page one to the obituaries. But just as damaging to it than its left-wing slant has been its complete lack of interest in any stories having the remotest possibility of tarnishing the hallowed image of President Barack Obama, an image which it and other members of the so-called “main-stream media” has had such an active role in creating.

Take, for example, two recent events which went completely unnoticed by The New York Times, but were covered in great depth by Fox News and conservative bloggers: the Van Jones and ACORN affairs. Marxist Van Jones was forced to resign in disgrace and ACORN was reeling from having had its funding and government connections cut after an undercover sting, and The New York Times– in both instances–was asleep at the wheel. The complete lack of coverage given to the ACORN debacle so embarrassed the editor of the paper, Clark Hoyt, that he actually wrote a column about it promising to do better in the future and announcing that the paper was going to assign somebody to “monitor opinion media and brief them [the editors] frequently on bubbling controversies”!

It’s no wonder that The New York Times has lost all credibility.

Biased journalists writing biased stories are not a winning formula for a newspaper purporting to provide its readers with “all the news that’s fit to print.” A left wing agenda, however you try and package it, is not news. The lack of ideological diversity at The New York Times (and the Boston Globe and all of the rest of the dying left-leaning publications) is the main reason that the paper is dying.

The real tragedy, however, is that the paper can still turn itself around. Nobody is killing The New York Times–it is committing suicide. A realignment of its editorial policy from far-left to center, and a loss of its timidity when it comes to reporting on stories which may reflect unfavorably on President Obama, might actually bring some of its readers, subscribers and advertisers back.

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