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Generation South Park, Part 1: Butters Goes to ACORN

Posted on October 21 2009 6:00 pm
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Is pop culture nothing more than a safe haven for the left?  It is certainly easy to believe that, however, it isn’t true.

“Democrats piss me off,” are the words uttered by South Park’s most anti-politically correct character, Eric Cartman.  This can be seen as an overview for what drives the social and political commentary of the hit show.  Over the years creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have found a way to weigh in on every aspect of politics and pop culture that no one else would touch with a ten foot stick.

Last week’s South Park took on the recent issues surrounding the scandalous ACORN.  One of the show’s most ignorant characters, Butters, starts a “kissing company.”  He sells kisses to fellow students for money.  His small business turns into a prostitution ring, however, he is too boneheaded to realize it.  Knowing he needs assistance, he goes to the local ACORN office.

Of course, they help him out.  We even find out that some of the ACORN employees in the show are his customers.

We know that ACORN has not been covered by many media outlets but was widely reported on FOX News.  By acknowledging the scandal the show’s creators prove they follow FOX News or internet journalist Andrew Breitbart.  While the other networks tried to downplay ACORN’s corruption, South Park has clearly picked sides.

View the South Park segment on ACORN here.

Last Thursday night Sean Hannity responded to the episode on Fox News:

“I think that’s what they mean by making lemonade when somebody gives you a lemon.”

This is something South Park has done for years in taking shots at 9/11 truthers, radical environmentalists, Scientologists and the Hollywood elite.

While it is easy to dismiss many television shows as vocal avenues for the left, South Park continues to prove that it does not adhere to that standard.  The ACORN episode is a perfect example as they are not afraid to attack anyone, even the left that is usually protected in popular culture.

Earlier this year I wrote a piece titled “The South Park Generation” in which I discussed the politics of the show and why it resonates with young conservatives.  One of the biggest reasons that South Park is popular with Generation Y is because it constantly attacks the hyper-politically correct aspects of our culture.  It just so happens that most of the PC garbage they go after comes from the left, which is why young conservatives relate to the show.

I will continue to follow South Park as they take on the Left through their cutting edge social commentary.  The series will be called “Generation South Park” as the politics of this show provide a great intellectual window into Generation Y Conservatism.

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