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Rebuttal of the Day: Straight Soldiers Shouldn't Flatter Themselves

Posted on October 17 2009 7:56 am
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From Larry, responding to a comment on today’s David Horowitz quote of the day:

“Homosexuality develops in the formative years due to the lack of a positive male role model and a dominant female.”

I have two older brothers who are straight and raised a family and our father was a strong, positive male role model. But why I am gay? Sorry to bust your logic.

” None of this even considers the destructive effect of allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military. ”

Laughable. Gays have been serving in European and Israeli military units for decades. Are Americans really that uncomfortable with their sexuality? Some of the best servicemen and service women the U.S. forces happen to be gay, and that includes gay people working in intelligentsia and translations. Straight soldier – don’t flatter yourself by assuming that a gay soldier will make a pass at you. Puhleeeeeeze.

Great points, Larry. I agree 100% on both.

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