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NewsReal’s Victory: Marc Lamont Hill Has Been Held Accountable

Posted on October 17 2009 11:30 am
David Swindle is the Managing Editor of NewsReal Blog and the Associate Editor of FrontPage Magazine. Follow him on Twitter here
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Fox dealt with Marc Lamont Hill the same way President Obama responded to the Van Jones story.

Fox dealt with Marc Lamont Hill the same way President Obama responded to the Van Jones story.

Our motto at NewsReal is “Keeping The Cable Guys Honest.”

We seek to challenge pundits and newsmakers to stand up for the arguments they make and the facts they choose to report. Individuals are free to put forth whatever ideas they want — but they are not free to do so with impunity. Those who promote intolerable, offensive ideas backed by questionable facts must be confronted.

Given yesterday’s revelation that Dr. Marc Lamont Hill was fired from his position as a paid contributor to Fox News it appears we’re doing our job. After weeks of ignoring our invitations to defend his radical views, Hill has finally been held accountable for the positions he’s taken over the course of his career.

While NewsReal broke the story of Hill’s radicalism on September 27, David Horowitz actually first blogged about Hill on the 25th. The point of the initial post was

The image of Assata Shakur, a "Freedom Fighter" according to Marc Lamont Hill

The image of Assata Shakur, a "Freedom Fighter" according to Marc Lamont Hill

not about Hill’s ideology but his qualifications to be a pundit on the subject of Iran. (The professor specializes in hip-hop culture.) This brought a counterattack from Hill on, of all places, his Twitter page. Upon arriving at Hill’s site a solemn face covered the background. A little digging soon revealed just who it was this Fox News contributor was promoting: convicted cop killer and anti-American radical fugitive Assata Shakur.

This revelation prompted additional research by NewsReal and, more importantly, Accuracy In Media’s Cliff Kincaid. In a series of posts Kincaid dug deeper into Hill’s radical past, completely tearing off the “liberal” mask to reveal an apologist and promoter of a long list of totalitarian radicals.

It’s here where the story gets especially interesting and where the central issue of intellectual honesty emerges. Hill’s response to being challenged for his positions was to ignore his critics. He failed to respond to our public invitations, ignored the email I sent him, and then went to work scrubbing his websites. He changed his Twitter background, modified his website, and deleted his Myspace page. In other words, he sought to perpetuate the intellectual fraud which had initially landed him with his lucrative Fox News gig.

This is something the Left is forced to do. They have to hide their true agenda in order to sneak it into the public consciousness. (It’s why Michael Moore has to rename communism as “democracy.”) America does not want to be transformed into the Socialist Utopia which Hill and other leftists are working to create. America does not want Shakur, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Ward Churchill to be considered heroes or respectable intellectuals.

Within our political culture there is a range of acceptable opinion. This should not be a controversial observation. There are certain people whose views are so way out there that they cannot be integrated into the debate. There’s no reason to tolerate anti-Semites, crackpot conspiracists, and totalitarians at the table of respectable discussion. We could not even if we wanted to. Some people operate from a mental state that is so fundamentally different — so warped — that it’s all but impossible for constructive dialogue to take place.

It’s akin to two scientists working on a cure for disease when one of them rejects germ theory. Such a project  simply cannot work and will only waste everyone’s time.

That’s why Hill had to go. And if you disagree with me then chances are you really do not understand just how far out there Hill’s views — and especially those of the figures he defends — actually are.

One final note: instrumental in this victory were the tips, independent support, and research of NewsReal’s readers. We thank all of you. Please stick with us and continue with your participation as we continue to pursue our mission. You are a vital member of the NewsReal Team.

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