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Amnesty Now!

Posted on October 17 2009 1:25 am
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Representative Luis V. Gutierrez (D-Illinois), who made a name for himself back in 1999 by pressuring former President Bill Clinton into freeing 16 convicted FALN terrorists, is back in the news. As Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! program reports, Gutierrez, a vociferous advocate of blanket amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegal aliens currently in the country, led a rally on immigration reform on Capital Hill Wednesday before “thousands of people,” calling immigration reform “the civil rights struggle of our time.”

Rep. Luis Gutierrez: Justice for immigrants is today’s civil rights struggle, and it’s too important to lose. And that’s why we won’t stop. That’s why we won’t stop, and that’s why we cannot wait. We have work to do, and we cannot wait. We have families to save. We have mothers and children to keep together. We have a Congress to persuade. We have a president to convince. And we have justice to deliver, and we have laws to change, and we will not rest until that is accomplished.

Gutierrez, the Chair of the Immigration Task Force, has introduced an immigration reform bill, which, he claims, will:

Promote fair immigration proceedings, humane treatment of immigration detainees, and policies that respect the tenet of community policing.

America’s current immigration policies have been deemed unacceptable to Gutierrez, and he makes it quite clear who is to blame for the current state of affairs:

We are here to say that we will not rest until the raids stop and our brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers are no longer torn apart by the government of the United States of America.

Let’s play a hypothetical game.

Let us assume that Gutierrez’s bill passes, and he achieves his major goal of a general amnesty. The 12 million aliens currently residing in the country illegally suddenly find themselves free to stay, become card-carrying members of the Democratic Party, and live happily ever after.

What happens to the next person who steals across the border?

History has shown us that, after an amnesty, the rate of illegal border crossings increases. After the last amnesty bill in 1986, the US experienced a flood of new illegal aliens crossing the border. In the twenty-year period between 1985 and 2005, the number of illegal residents soared from an estimated 2-3 million to about 11 million. It is only human nature that, upon hearing of an amnesty, people would, predictably, risk all to come to the US by any means and simply wait out their chance in the hopes of catching the next one.

The question then arises: are we really solving the problem by granting another amnesty only to find ourselves in the same situation twenty years from now?

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