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Time for CNN to Dump Fake Journalist Rick Sanchez

Posted on October 16 2009 2:00 pm
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Don’t taze me bro – just fire me!

If CNN’s 3pm anchor Rick Sanchez hadn’t convinced you in the past of his fake journalism by being tazered on television, spending quality news time directly attacking Fox News, or comparing Joe the Plumber to Fidel Castro then this week you should have no more doubts.  This week Sanchez did all he could to destroy the character of Rush Limbaugh by using a fake Limbaugh quote about slavery having merit.

Earlier this week Sanchez picked out this quote from some left-wing blog and broadcast it to CNN’s audience without bothering to verify it as accurate:

“I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”

Limbaugh made it very clear that he never said these words.  In fact, if Sanchez would have done some basic fact checking – even if he had simply called Limbaugh’s show- he would have found out the quote was a fake.

Now we know that Limbaugh’s racist quote isn’t the only thing fake – so is the title of ‘journalist’ for Sanchez.  What kind of man would report as fact on a global news network a racist quote from a public figure without checking for accuracy?  Even a high school newspaper writer would know that.

Once it became clear to Sanchez that he tried to destroy a man based on a fabricated quote what did he do?  Did he apologize clearly and passionately – at least with the same vigor and passion he tried to tear down Limbaugh.  You be the judge.  On CNN his ‘apology’ was put this way:

Sanchez: “Among the news organizations that reported that yesterday was our show at three o’clock… Rush Limbaugh is denying that that quote has come from him.  Uh, obviously that does not take away the fact that there are other quotes [that] have been attributed to Rush Limbaugh which many people in the African-American community and many other minority communities do find offensive.”

So Sanchez didn’t do anything wrong.  It was his network just doing what everyone else did. (Where have we heard a leftist use this argument before?) And besides, look at all the other “offensive” quotes “attributed to Rush” about minorities.  And what are those Rick?  To turn an apology into a continued attack on the man you libeled takes the guts of a man not afraid to be tazered for ratings.

On Thursday night, now that Limbaugh will no longer get a chance at owning the Rams, Sanchez has finally come out with a heartfelt apology – on Twitter.

Sanchez: “i’ve know rush. in person,i like him. his rhetoric,however is inexcusably divisive. he’s right tho. we didn’t confirm quote. our bad.”

Wow Rick, that apology almost brought a tear to my eye. How sincere.

CNN, it’s time for Rick to go.  I’d say The National Enquirer has a job for him – but even they have standards.

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