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Media Matters cites itself as expert source

Posted on October 12 2009 9:00 am
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Media Matters‘ Eric Boehlert  (or as I like to call him, “Eric the Excitable”) is at it again, making claims without linking to sources, other than… Media Matters.

This morning, Boehlert is mocking conservative activists for planning another protest he’s sure will be a laughable failure, just like the one in Washington on September 12. (So: if these “tea parties” and townhalls are so tiny, futile and ridiculous, why does the George Soros Steno Pool keep writing about them? Just asking.)

October 17, “Operation: Can You Hear Us Now” is asking citizens to protest liberal media bias by picketing their local tv and newspaper offices; the group charges that the media didn’t accurately report on the “2 million people protesting in D.C. in one of the biggest protests in US History.”

The grammatically challenged Boehlert finds this amusing and hopes you do, too:

Laugh along as I highlight the press didn’t miss that story…because 2 million people never showed up in D.C. According to best official counts, there were actually 1.9 million fewer people than that; about 70,000.

As proof, Boehlert cites… other Media Matters posts. You’d think he’d link the words “best official counts” to an official count or two. You’d be wrong.

The fact is, the D.C. capitol police and the National Parks Service have declined to release official counts. (Which may explain why Eric the Excitable couldn’t link to any.)

And why the refusal, you ask? Well:

The National Park Service actually has a methodology for crowd estimation; they just were forbidden by Congress from using it after the Million Man March came out to be less than half a million. That restriction mysteriously disappeared for the Obama inauguration, and USA Today published a useful article on it.

That’s Charlie Martin at PajamasMedia. com. Now, at the risk of getting all Zapruder on people: Martin used footage from the time lapse traffic camera on a D.C. street to reach a tally of 850,000 protesters at the 9/12 event.

Which is about the same number who reportedly attended President Obama‘s inauguration. I’d invite you to compare panoramic photographs taken at the 9/12 “tea party” with some snapped at the inauguration and draw your own conclusions.

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