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Humorless Left Morphs Into the Vicious Left: Justifying Making Glenn Beck's Deceased Mother Fair Game

Posted on October 10 2009 5:00 pm
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Terry Krepel of Media Matters and ConWebWatch took issue with my claim that “reporting” on the allegedly questionable circumstances of the death of Glenn Beck’s mother would constitute a smear.

Terry decided to engage me in the comments to try and make me explain why it was inappropriate for his organization to make Beck’s deceased mother a ball in the political football game:

2009 October 9

So, how is it a “smear” of Glenn Beck if he’s telling a story that’s at variance to the facts, as appears to be what’s going on here?

Would you consider this situation to be a “smear” if Beck was a liberal?

2009 October 10

So Media Matters and Terry K does take the position that Beck is lying about his mother committing suicide.

If the question of whether she died by suicide or by accident is in doubt (which is all you might be able to establish) then it’s awfully sick of you and MM to choose the answer which makes Beck out to be a liar. I mean you do see how this is really distasteful and unnecessary and how a reasonable person could call this a smear? The circumstances of someone’s mother’s death is in doubt and you accuse them of lying about it in order to illicit sympathy from people and further their career? You really hate Beck that much? Because it seems to me that if you just disagreed with his arguments then that’s all you’d do. You’d refute his arguments (which is fair game.) But instead you choose to dig into his past to try and destroy him personally.

I mean what’s next for Media Matters? Are they going to see if Beck has any overdue library books? (That’s a joke Terry, and admittedly not a very funny one. Just thought I’d point that out since you seem to have such a hard time picking up on them.)

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