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Truther Crackpot Punksmacks of the Day: Making the Point

Posted on October 9 2009 6:00 pm
David Swindle is the Managing Editor of NewsReal Blog and the Associate Editor of FrontPage Magazine. Follow him on Twitter here
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Most of the “debating” (if you really want to dignify it to call it that) with Truther crackpots has been taking place on this thread here. NewsReal was even graced with the commentary of a Truther/Birther who’s also a perennial third party candidate. Two of our commenters who had the most fun poking at the various Truthers who showed up were In The Know and Brent, who both realized that the Truthers commenting “rebuttals” were both behaving exactly as I had defined the Conspiracist Mindset in my series.

In The Know

Your all caps is BS. You should be banned for lack of coherent, cojent conversation. In fact, David probably lets you guys babble on because it makes his case. Not once have you provided EMPIRICAL data to back up your claims. You respond to verifiable, factual, logical arguments with heresay and conjecture. You assert this as undeniable TRUTH and clearly don’t even read what you respond to. Enjoy KNOWING that the trade centers were bombed from within because a video on youtube shows a guy saying “pull it” proves it. Meanwhile, the rest of us will stand up for your right to be a moron. We will suffer and some of us will (and have) die knowing that we are protecting the very people who stab us in the back.

A patriot who is tired of getting stabbed in the back by the people he fights to defend.


“There has been little else you have offered to strenghten your position that TRUTHERS or BIRTHERS are a sub-human species as you seem to claim.”

First of all I don’t think anyone ever used or believes conspiracy nuts are subhuman, just crazy. i.e. Uncle Artie can’t stop telling everyone that the end is near and Elvis is alive and running the country from a bus station bathroom in Wichita. We don’t put him down like a dog we just don’t invite him to Thanksgiving dinner. Second of all, you make David’s actual point with every post. David knew that if he wrote a series of pieces about conspiracy theorists they couldn’t help themselves from showing everyone what he was talking about

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