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Nobel Appeasement Prize: "A Kick in the Leg," Part II

Posted on October 9 2009 7:30 am
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The Next Step?

The Next Step?

This morning, the world awoke to the news that, once again, Barack Obama has been given an honor he has done nothing to earn. Norweigian officials announced today that President Obama, our community-organizer-in-chief, had won the Nobel Peace Prize .

There was a time when the award carried prestige and self-authenticating legitimacy. The committee awarded Teddy Roosevelt the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize, for instance, for brokering an end to the Russo-Japanese War. Obama’s non-feasance has become a Saturday Night Live joke. The award is the perfect capstone for a man who wrote two autobiographies before he had accomplished anything of significance, ran for U.S. Senate without any accomplishments in the state house, and ran for president without any accomplishements in the Senate. So far as president, his greatest foreign policy achivement is allowing Iran to continue developing nuclear weapons in peace. Salaam alaykum.

The award’s transparently political motivation has become increasingly obvious to all following its recipients. Obama joins such notables as a Marxist fraud, a racist who believes the AIDS virus was invented by white people, and (shudder) Jimmy Carter. At least Gunnar Berge, then-chair of the committee that awards the prize, admitted Jimmy Carter‘s 2002 award was intended as  “a kick in the leg” to President Bush. Berge elaborated, “It is clear that with the position that Carter has adopted in the question of Iraq, [the award] must be seen as a criticism of the policy that the current US administration has adopted in relation to Iraq,” he said. 

What is the logical conclusion of the committee awarding one of Bush’s predecessors and outspoken critics, then his successor and more frequent critic? That Obama — who was nominated after having been president for two weeks — is the stand-in candidate of the Euro-socialist Left, that he won an Affirmative Action prize for far-leftists.

The award’s sickening recent history proves as much…

The 2004 winner, Waangari Maathai, insisted white devils invented the AIDS virus “to wipe out the Black race.” David Horowitz exposed Rigoberta Menchu as a liar and fraud, who followed a long line of fellwo Marxists or their fellow travelers to the Nobel podium.  Even murderer Tookie Williams was nominated for the award. DiscoverTheNetworks’ outstanding entry about the Nobel Peace Prize  has much more. In light of those nominees, Obama is a hawkish centrist. But to be considered for the award, one has to be too far Left to defend the best interests of his own country.

This award is a powerful commentary on the deplorable state of the Nobel Prize – and our presidency.

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