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When a pot calls a kettle "black," is that "racist"?

Posted on October 7 2009 9:00 am
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Those irony-deficient “senior fellows” at Media Matters are at it again. Today they’re pretending to be outraged by the Washington Time‘s “fabricated” accusations of “racism” — which is a little like Vice President Joe Biden accusing someone of plagiarism.

“Did the WashTimes fabricate its latest ACORN attack?,” they ask readers this morning, helpfully answering: “Yep”.

Media Matters then does what leftist apologists do when they can’t mount a substantial argument: they turn into literal-minded Rain Man types, and try to nit-pick their target to death:

…the Washington Times, in its headline and article, reports that ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis, during an address at the National Press Club on Tuesday, claimed ACORN critics are “racist.”

Slight problem: The WashTimes fails to include any quotes, any evidence, any anything, to support the “racist” angle; a specific word the daily uses three different times. Instead, it appears that the WashTimes’ Joseph Curl just invented the explosive charge of racism.

Now, it is true that on this occasion, Bertha Lewis didn’t utter the exact phrase “ACORN critics are racist.”

However, according to the Washington Times report — which Media Matters helpfully reprints in its entirety — Lewis did say the following:

“I mean we, [going back] to 2004, we now see through e-mails from Karl Rove from the previous administration that ACORN itself was targeted, targeted to go after us so that we would stop doing voter registration because it was said that we were moving too many minorities to vote, changing the power dynamics on the local election and that we needed to be stopped.”

She also labeled as racist the infamous videos that show ACORN workers advising a man and young woman posing as pimp and prostitute how to circumvent the law. “These new filmmakers, [James] O’Keefe himself, told The Washington Post, ‘They’re registering too many minorities; they usually vote Democratic; somebody’s got to stop them,'” Mrs. Lewis said.

Let’s play a game: say some conservative pundit or activist was quoted as saying, “ACORN is registering too many minorities to vote.”

Would that statement be perceived by listeners, left and right, as being racist — even though the speaker didn’t actually utter a phrase such as, “P.S., I’m a racist”?

And would Media Matters promptly denounce that conservative as a racist, regardless?

The answer is obvious.

Intelligent grownups regularly draw inferences from the statements of others, and make judgments accordingly. Otherwise efficient communication would be impossible. Only a child employs “arguments” on the level of: “But you never SAID ‘don’t write all over the walls with a marker!!'”

Hilariously, Media Matters even includes the last paragraph of the Washington Times piece, which clearly didn’t merit any condemnation or further investigation on their part:

But Mrs. Lewis did not mention that The Post was forced to issue a later correction on the story, saying the quote attributed to Mr. O’Keefe was inaccurate.

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