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Truther Punksmacks of the Day: Nixon and Cults

Posted on October 7 2009 7:00 pm
David Swindle is the Managing Editor of NewsReal Blog and the Associate Editor of FrontPage Magazine. Follow him on Twitter here
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This guy couldn't even manage G. Gordon Liddy and a team of burglars breaking into an office. You really think George W. Bush could keep secret a government plot to blow up the twin towers? How dumb are you?

There’s been plenty of great discussion as a result of my Crackpot Chronicles series. As was to be expected Truthers continue to show up to spout their offensive, infantile garbage and our commenters make quick work of them and point out other ways of understanding the intellectual virus of conspiracism.

Two comments from Crackpot Chronicles Part IV that seemed particularly worthy of highlighting:

2009 October 7
David, you are showing what real frauds these people are, and that’s great.

But you have to hammer one thing, the one undeniable thing that will slit the throat of the 9/11 Truth Movement: Watergate.

If Nixon’s quasi-dictatorship (by that I mean his attempts to control the media, threatening of individuals with the power of the president, and covering up the authorization of a federal crime) shortly after the revelation of Watergate couldn’t cover up the break in of a building, what makes anyone with a brain think the government of 2001 could cover up the deaths of over 3000 people, and the destruction of two major buildings of global significance?

If you could, David, please tell him this, I would enjoy watching his response (or maybe more accurately dribble)

This really ties in with my point that conspiracists do not have a conservative’s view of the limits of humans ability to change the world. Men and women just are not capable of doing what the conspiracist crackpots think they are.

Another commenter offered a suggestion for how the Truther phenomenon should be classified. It’s not a movement, it’s a cult:

2009 October 7

Every conspiracy theorist I know seems to have a cult-like mindset that’s impervious to reason. They all claim to have similar credentials–an ability to “see” the real truth of which the rest of us are unaware. And they can get quite evangelical about it. I think these people simply get off on the notion that they possess special, arcane knowledge that makes them wiser in their own minds. I suggest that the 911 Truther Movement would be more aptly labeled the 911 Truther Cult.

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