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Neo-Communist Left (Michael Moore) Debates Neo-Socialist Left (Bill Maher) on Real Time, Part 2

Posted on October 7 2009 5:00 pm
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Why does Michael Moore's rhetoric sound like New Left leader Tom Hayden's?

In my last analysis of the interview between Neo-Communist filmmaker Michael Moore and Neo-Socialist comedian Bill Maher I demonstrated how Moore has embraced a kitsch Marxism. He simply updated the terminology of Marxism but maintained the notion of class conflict.

Here Moore addresses Maher’s (entirely correct) criticism that the opposite of capitalism (no government control of the economy) is communism (complete government control of the economy):

Moore: The opposite of capitalism is not communism. The opposite of capitalism is democracy. Because if we could order, create a new economic order that had at its underpinnings democratic principles – in other words you and I and everyone else watching this gets to control, gets to have a say as to how this economy is run.

One almost doesn’t know where to begin… And there’s only three sentences here.

One could point out that “you and I and everyone else” do have a say in how this economy is run. We have that say with how we choose to spend our dollars and whether we choose to create new businesses. Or perhaps one could ask, “How are ‘you and I and everyone else’ going to ‘control’ the economy?” Because the only way “you and I and everyone else” can do what Moore suggests is to grant greater power to the government to implement decisions. In other words, Moore is advocating for complete government control of the economy.

The Left has a long history of trying to rename “communism” by calling it “democracy.” In the 1960s New Left leader Tom Hayden referred to the Vietnamese Communists as practicing “Rice Roots Democracy.” And of course “progressive journalist” Amy Goodman hosts the Marxist Left’s flagship radio program “Democracy Now!”

The reality is this, “democracy” is a happy term that the Left has hijacked for its own totalitarian ends. It does this all the time — “liberal,” “feminist,” “social justice,” “civil rights,” “green jobs” — all of these terms have been perverted to promote programs whose result is the same: greater government control over other people’s lives. That’s what the Left is advocating and that’s what Moore is proposing. But the Left knows that they cannot sell their agenda that way. They have to give it an Extreme Makeover by redefining words like “democracy.”

Come back tomorrow for the third and final installment of Moore’s discussion with Maher in which the neo-communist documentarian has a Freudian slip which reveals his true political vision.

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