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Marc Lamont Hill isn't Just An Admirer of Cop-Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, He's His Publisher

Posted on October 6 2009 2:00 pm
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Another one of Marc Lamont Hill's "Freedom Fighter" heroes

Click here for a summary of NewsReal’s ongoing coverage of the radical politics of Marc Lamont Hill.

Not only is Fox News Contributor Marc Lamont Hill an admirer of convicted cop killer and radical icon Mumia Abu-Jamal, he’s also his publisher.

AIM’s Cliff Kincaid discovered that Abu-Jamal had been promoted on Hill’s now-deleted myspace account. Well it goes even further than Kincaid initially reported.

One of NewsReal’s astute readers just informed me of even more disturbing (though not particularly surprising) facts:

For two years, I read Hill’s blog daily.  His views are indeed radical.  He frequently praised Castro and Khallid Muhammad, along with other criminals and dictators.

For awhile, he even allowed Mumia Abu Jamal to guest post on a weekly basis.

Here’s Abu-Jamal’s warm introduction by Hill and here’s a post from as recent as September 9. When reading Hill’s enthusiastic endorsement of a radical murder be sure and keep in mind that supporting Abu-Jamal is a cause that’s even too fringe and ridiculous for Michael Moore:

I am thrilled to announce that Mumia Abu-Jamal has joined the Barbershop as a weekly contributor!! His column, “Live From Death Row,” will appear every Wednesday starting next week.

Mumia Abu-Jamal is one of the world’s most celebrated journalists, freedom fighters, and political prisoners. Since his early days in Philadelphia, Mumia was an active member of the Black freedom sruggle. From his award-winning journalism to his involvement with the Black Panther Party, Mumia has devoted his life to Black liberation. Wrongfully incarcerated since 1981 for the murder of Officer Daniel Faulkner, Mumia has continued to place a spotlight on various forms of injustice around the globe through his numerous columns, commentaries, and books. Mumia has generated international support for his own case, which has been one of the most glaring and repugnant reflections of the criminal (in)justice system.

Hill has yet to respond to my email invitation welcoming him to justify his career defending anti-American radicals. The reason is simple: it can’t be done and still remain a respectable commentator. If you want to be a Free Mumia cultist then fine. The consequence is that the only network which will have you is Free Speech TV. Hill knows this. But there’s a more important fact on his mind as well: Fox News pays much better. Thus his strategy is to scrub his sites to try and hide the truth.

Hill needs to be held accountable for his views. And who better to do it than the enabler of Hill’s commentary, Mr. No Spin Zone himself? Click here to email Bill O’Reilly. Email: And please, do be civil.

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