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From the Pen of David Horowitz: October 6, 2009

Posted on October 6 2009 12:49 am
David Horowitz is the editor-in-chief of NewsReal Blog and FrontPage Magazine. He is the President and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His most recent book is Reforming Our Universities
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So powerful is the hold of the progressive faith, however, that Lerner too is finally unable to break its hold. This, despite the fact that it has been the basis for her lifelong commitment to a monstrous cause. “Like all true believers, I believed as I did because I needed to believe: in a utopian vision of the future, in the possibility of human perfectibility,…. And I still need that belief, even if the particular vision I had embraced has turned to ashes.” (Emphasis added.)

After a lifetime of lies, her political choices are the same: hostility to the capitalist democracies of the West and faith in a utopian future. This is the illusion that led to her commitment to Communism in the first place, undisturbed the earth-shattering events of seventy years. She clings to her faith even though she now knows (like Hobsbawm) that Communism was never the solution she believed and argued it was, and the Communist state no longer exists. Notwithstanding that the West and her anti-Communist enemies were right all along, Gerda Lerner is still a determined and passionate enemy of America and the West. In the conflict in Iraq it does not matter to her that Saddam Hussein did not even pretend to advance the cause of “social justice” as Stalin did. It just matters that its antagonist was the Great Satan itself.Lerner includes “idealism and heroism” in her catalogue of utopian ideas, but this is just typical radical bad faith. The idea of human perfectibility – of a society embracing the ideals of social justice –  is integrally connected to the Communist catastrophe. But in what way do a belief in the possibility of individual heroes and/or noble aspirations lead to Marxist gulags? They don’t. Nor are they concepts specific to Marxism and Communism.

Unholy Alliance

This Horowitz quote of the day was submitted by Marylou who said:

Remarks?  I think it stands on its own.  Just that I know it is true.  I was one of those red-diaper babies and didn’t realize it until I found God and his people.  Thankfully, I had been exposed to honest decent people with a moral sense and humility, so I when I was ready for a change of heart and mind I could reach out for a higher road, but I see many who have nothing strong enough to replace their progressive faith. I remember, “Keep the faith, baby.”  That was the most profound thing we could say to each other as a bye, see ya later.

We who have embraced conservative values and returned to our patriotism and great love for this wonderful country need to be patient and sweet with those who might want to leave that hard way of life of street demonstrations and the hard line of thought.  Many have been wounded early in life and could use a tender helping hand to lead their way out of that darkness and shut-down thinking.

I guess I did have some remarks after all, including the thanks as above, and thanks for giving us a place to vent and express ourselves, more than you’ll ever know.


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