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Comment of the Day: Standing Together To Support America

Posted on October 5 2009 4:30 pm
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Joe Scarborough

From Judy on Paul Cooper’s post about Ann Coulter’s defense of Glenn Beck:

Alright, I am going to say this only once. The tent is big and growing bigger with great people and good ideas for the future of America. Those people that cannot see the value of this (ex: Savage,Scarborough,Graham,Etc.)need to shut up and get on board. The conservative tent has many wonderful voices that present a variety of appproaches towards the same goal of bringing back the Constitution, family and other conservative values back to America. We don’t always agree with the depth and intensity of one anothers views, but, agree to hold hands and move forward to secure a future for our children. The way to this will be difficult and against the Liberal entrenchment in our government, schools and other institutions that have taken it upon themselves to rob our families and most importantly our children of their heritage as Americans and the ability to hold to the foundations set by our fathers. The varied, and sometimes loud and unconventional voices, are needed to open the message to a broader spectrum of Americans that might otherwise not hear the truth. So, to those that hold to the firm, unwavering, bland yada yada, get on board or we will leave you in the dust. There is no room for your intense, focused criticism of other conservatives simply because the presentation of their message annoys you or does not fall within your concept of a “formal platform and forum”. Get on board with the rest of us to take back our country or you will be left in the dust. I have wanted to vent this message for quite some time. I am tired of hearing the bickering of the elected and commentator “conservatives” pick and criticize fellow conservatives.

Criticizing or disagreeing with other conservatives is entirely acceptable and necessary. Calling for their banishment because they are A) not conservative enough, or B) too conservative is not acceptable. People should only be banished if they fit the very specific criteria for “kook” designation.

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