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Ann Coulter is Right: Glenn Beck is Being Targeted for Destruction

Posted on October 4 2009 3:07 pm
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Glenn Beck has become a hot topic of discussion lately on the cable news programs. Branding him as the new leader of the conservative movement and the Republican Party, many competitors are looking to destroy the man. On her new CNN program, for instance, Joy Behar made another in a long line of direct attacks on Beck during a September 30th interview with Ann Coulter; Coulter’s response was brilliant:

Behar: People hate [Beck] more than they used to hate you.

Coulter: There is a liberal obsession with “tell us who your leader is.”  And you realize why liberals want to know is because this is how they argue: they find who the leader is and they destroy him…. We’ve decided we’re not going with a leader this time, so you’re going to have to argue with us on the facts.”

Indeed, members of the media, and leftists generally, have begun to attack Beck with a vengeance.  NewsReal has repeatedly shown that Beck is a prime target, now that he has helped take down the self-avowed communist Van Jones and the criminal enterprise known as ACORN.  While NewsReal has had some differences with Beck, our bloggers have found themselves on his side in most battles and have defended him.

But now, a number of prominent conservatives and Republicans — among them MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, radio host Michael Savage, and Senator Lindsey Graham — have begun taking swipes at Beck as well. Scarborough, for his part, has advised that Republicans running for President in 2012 ought to publicly repudiate the broadcaster. Savage repeatedly refers to Beck on his show by such smears as “the hemorrhoid,” “a fraudster,” and a “rip-off artist.” And on the latest Fox News Sunday, Senator Graham made it very clear that Beck has nothing to do with the Republican Party, and that he (Graham) doesn’t watch Beck’s show.

Conservatives don’t do themselves any favors by turning their backs on a person who is helping to shed a bright light on so many of the left’s hidden agendas and corrupt activities. Certainly anyone is perfectly entitled to disagree with Beck — but let’s not dump him. Coulter is correct in saying that while Beck is not the leader of the political right, neither is he its enemy.

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