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Lunch Break

Posted on October 2 2009 11:00 am
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George and the Dragon

October 10, 2008

The dragon only wants a child or two,

The townsmen said,  and perhaps some oxen too;

The actual situation isn’t bad;

Let’s confer before we make it mad.

Who are we to know what’s true?

Let’s not take an action that we’d rue.

We may find some data that we’ve missed–

What if dragons simply don’t exist!

It’s alive and real,  George said,  I know,

We have to make a stand,  someone must go;

It wants our  land,  and means to kill us all,

Send forth the word,  we are not men who crawl.

The call went out to all the sleepy folk,

But from the dreamy land no heroes woke;

No one from the crowd to face the strife,

No one who valued honor more than life.

No man of history who understood

The feebleness of force against the Good,

The cowardice of villains in the night,

How Evil cannot stand against the Right.

George drank some brew from a wooden cup,

Then took another swig and mounted up;

He fumbled with the flag and heavy shield,

And rode off to an eerie foreign field.

And sure enough,  he found the dragon squat

Upon a mound with skulls and carcass fraught;

A body like a lizard,  long and broad,

Wallowing in power like a god.

Though he was deafened when the creature roared,

George flailed in frenzy with his holy sword,

And hacked away in his lonely war

Until the hulk was reeling in its gore.

Though in his heart the battle hadn’t ceased,

His weakened arm couldn’t kill the beast;

George took a breath and wiped his sweaty face,

‘Twas time to heal and find a leafy place.

He turned and left the bloody battleground,

The whisper of the wind the only sound;

A few glanced up as he rode through the towns,

And heard  his awful tale with yawns or frowns.

Evil is not dead,  you failed,  his fellows said,

Yet he had saved the world awhile,  and bled,

Without the hope of accolades and bells,

When monsters came,  and there was no one else.

–July 2008,   by Jim Douthit

Today’s poem was submitted by Jim Douthit. Read more of his poetry here.

Lunch Break is NewsReal’s daily apolitical post. (We all need a break from this political stuff every now and then!) If you would like to submit a video (humorous/music/film trailer/intriguing/etc.), image, or poem for this feature then please  email it to DavidSwindle {@} (Sunday Lunch Breaks are often of a spiritual nature.) Please include:

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