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Rep. Grayson says Republicans Want Sick People to "Die Quickly" in a "Holocaust"

Posted on October 1 2009 7:20 am
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Congressman Alan Grayson, Democrat from Florida, has garnered a lot of media attention as a result of his outlandish statements about Republicans who are opposed to a leftist government takeover of healthcare. From the floor of the House — on CSPAN for all to see — he claimed that the Republican plan for healthcare consists of nothing more than advising the uninsured to not get sick, and telling those who do fall ill that “[we] want you to die quickly.”

Grayson is so proud of his speech and the criticism it generated, that he posted it on his own Youtube site!

His horrible speech was condemned by Republicans and even by some on the left. Many called for Grayson to apologize.  So he went back to the House floor but then refused to apologize.  However he didn’t just refuse. He decided also to offend Jews all over the world by comparing some Americans’ inability to afford health insurance to a “holocaust.”  I guess he didn’t get the memo that you don’t use the extermination of the Jews by Nazi Germany as an illustration for pretty much anything that doesn’t involve millions of people being murdered.  Again, though his words were shameful, he has proudly placed the video on Youtube:

Even left-wing MSNBC host Rachel Maddow called out Grayson for using “inflammatory rhetoric.” In an interview with the congressman, she gave him three chances to apologize for his use of the word “holocaust,” and he never did!  Congrats to Maddow for drawing attention to this despicable display (even though Maddow tried to deflate the criticism by providing Republican examples of “inflammatory rhetoric”).

Here is Grayson trying to make  his case on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer:

Grayson claims on this video that his real goal is “to work together [with Republicans] to solve problems.”  Yet he yells repeatedly that Republicans have no viable healthcare plans.  Then, when Republican spokesman Alex Castellanos starts to actually explain the Republican proposals, Grayson simply shouts him down.  He even calls Republicans “Neanderthals,” and then explains he isn’t really name-calling because his charges are true.

My only guess is that Grayson saw the money that Congressman Joe Wilson made for his campaign with his controversial shout of “you lie” during President Obama‘s recent speech. It appears Grayson decided the best way to jumpstart his own fundraising efforts for his next campaign was to make a fool of himself in as many public venues as possible. How else do you explain him proudly posting all these videos on his own Youtube site which provides links for donors who would like to contribute to his campaign?

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