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Media Matters mocks heavily armed man who hunts his own food and may be insane

Posted on October 1 2009 9:00 am
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That’s right: Media Matters is now going after… Ted Nugent.

Today the Media Matters website proclaims: “Nugent jumps on Beck bandwagon: Obama and Carter the “real racists” who “have been destroying black America for decades”

Then, using their patent-pending “clever leftist rhetorical trick” technology, “senior fellows” at Media Matters today cut and paste excerpts from something the “Motor City Madman” just wrote for Human Events.

And then they don’t offer any counter-arguments.

Devastating, huh?

To Media Matters, it would be self-evident to any right-thinking person of goodwill that the following statements by the legendary guitar hero are patently absurd:

The Democrats know that without the support of black Americans, their political party is doomed — at least until they can addict the immigrants who have arrived over our southern border. Get them dependent on Fedzilla handouts, and the Democrats believe they can own their votes.

Meanwhile, the condition of black America continues to erode because our government keeps it so. How sad. How totally unnecessary.

You don’t need to be an historian to see who the real racists are in America.  Jimmy Boy [Jimmy Carter], Barry O [Barack Obama] and others have been destroying black America for decades for their votes.  That’s the ugliest side of racism.

Indeed, the Democrats’ so-called “War On Poverty” was such an obvious failure, and did so much damage to generations of African-Americans, that Democratic President Bill Clinton set about dismantling the welfare system.

As John Perazzo has thoroughly documented, using footnotes and everything (as opposed to, say, just quoting people he doesn’t like):

But if we use President Johnson’s own stated goals as a measure of the War on Poverty’s effectiveness, we can only conclude that the undertaking was a monstrous failure. Dependency on the government did not decline, but skyrocketed. Between the mid-Sixties and the mid-Seventies, the dollar value of public housing rose nearly fivefold and the amount spent on food stamps rose more than tenfold. From 1965 to 1969, government-provided benefits increased by a factor of 8; by 1974 such benefits were an astounding 20 times higher than they had been in 1965. Also as of 1974, federal spending on social welfare programs amounted to 16 percent of America’s GNP, a far cry from the 8 percent figure of 1960. By 1977 the number of people receiving public assistance had more than doubled since 1960.159 By 1994 the number stood at about 5 million, five times the 1965 figure.


Writes Walter E. Williams [who happens to be black]: “Racial discrimination has nothing to do with what’s no less than an education meltdown within the black community. Where black education is the very worst, often the city mayor is black, city council dominated by blacks, and often the school superintendent is black, as well as most of the principals and teachers, and Democrats have run the cities for decades. I’m not saying there’s a causal connection, just that one would be hard put to chalk up the rotten education to racial discrimination.”

Even more troubling is the spectacle of African-American Democrats using racist language to insult blacks who don’t toe the party line. Some examples from the Discover the Networks archive:

* In 2002, NAACP chairman Julian Bond referred to Ward Connerly, a black California Board of Regents member who had led the fight to end affirmative action in California’s public sector, as a “fraud” and a “con man.”249 Bond likened black conservatives in general to “ventriloquists’ dummies” who “speak in their puppet-master’s voice.”

*  Jesse Jackson has called Connerly a “house slave” and a “puppet of the white man.”251 He also has condemned Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s vote to place limits on affirmative action programs, characterizing Thomas as an “enem[y] of civil rights” and likening his black judicial robes to the white sheets of Klansmen.

* The late columnist Carl Rowan sarcastically suggested, “If you give Thomas a little flour on his face, you’d think you had [former Klansman] David Duke.”

* San Francisco mayor Willie Brown called Thomas not only “a shill and cover for the most insidious form of racism,”254 but also a man whose views are “legitimizing of the Ku Klux Klan.”255 Brown added that Thomas “should be reduced to talking only to white conservatives,” and “must be shut out” by the black community.

By the way: that part in the Media Matters headline about Nugent “jumping on the Glenn Beck bandwagon”? Nugent doesn’t mention Beck once in the column in question. Someone’s fixated on Beck, but I don’t think it’s the Motor City Madman.

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