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Obama's List of Friends Thrown Under the Bus Grows

Posted on September 30 2009 3:00 pm
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This past week Barack Obama, in unprecedented fashion, strongly suggested to David Paterson that he should not run for reelection as the Democrat candidate for Governor of New York. Obama’s people then leaked the story to the press.  The President wants Andrew Cuomo to be his party’s nominee, since Paterson seems sure to lose the general election.

Here is a video of CNN’s Lou Dobbs covering the story:

ABC News also covered the story and points out how the President even introduced Paterson in a completely different way than the way than he did Andrew Cuomo at a speaking engagement that both men attended.  Paterson was an also-mentioned while Cuomo was effusively praised.


Even the leftist Huffington Post is angry at Obama for throwing Paterson under the bus. They wrote:

“You can understand why Barack Obama and his team would like to see a more attractive Democratic candidate for governor than David Patterson [sic]. You can understand why the White House would be trying to prod, or lure, Patterson into retirement.  But there’s a wide gap between that and what happened over the weekend, when the White House decided to publicly humiliate the governor.”

Shouldn’t we be concerned that we have a President who is ready to throw any friend under the bus?  It doesn’t matter how close they are to him.  If they are political liabilities, they are gone.  His twenty-year mentor and pastor Jeremiah Wright — get under that bus.  Illinois politicians that helped him win every office he had ever won — thanks for your help, under the bus with you.  Even family members and his own church have been thrown under the bus if they make him look bad.

Left-wing Saturday Night Live did a Robert Smigel cartoon on Obama (before their Obama love obsession began during the election) called The Obama Files. It showed Obama telling Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton how much he needed their help and then doing all sorts of funny things to keep his connections with them away from the press.

Recently, just before Van Jones was kicked to the curb, I had told my wife beforehand that within a week Van Jones would be gone.  How did I know?  That’s what Obama does.  You bring him negative press — you are gone.  One of the best ways to know the character of a man is to check his loyalty to his friends and supporters.

Napoleon Hill said,

“Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every area of life.”

And Goethe said,

“He who does not feel his friends to be the world to him, does not deserve that the world should hear of him.”

We have heard from Obama.  But can we trust him?  One blog has a list of 57 people Obama threw under the bus before he was president.

Here is my own unofficial (and shorter) Obama’s Under the Bus list — feel free to add more to it (I’m limiting mine to people thrown under since Obama started running for the 2008 election):

Each name that is added tells us more and more about our President.

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