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Media Matters Freaks Out Over Coverage of White House Advisor's ACORN Ties

Posted on September 30 2009 1:07 am
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A screen grab of Glenn Beck from the Media Matters website.

A screen grab of Glenn Beck from the Media Matters website.

For amusement sometimes I read the Media Matters for America website.

If Media Matters, the left-wing character assassination factory with strong ties to liberal uber-funder George Soros, is denouncing something, chances are it’s something that ought not be denounced.

Take for example Media Matters’s apoplexy over the richly deserved pounding the radical activist group and crime syndicate ACORN has been taking in the media lately.

Look at the shrieking headlines from the Media Matters website:

And it goes on and on and on.

Particularly hilarious is a new writeup on the site about ACORN news coverage.

This gem runs more than 2,200 words!

Media Matters quotes Glenn Beck saying that President Obama “is surrounded by these people.”

On “Fox & Friends,” Beck said, “What’s really weird is [Obama senior advisor Patrick Gaspard] was also one of the top guys at SEIU. Oh, my goodness. SEIU, ACORN, the same organization in — right — he holds the Karl Rove position at the White House. The president has zero credibility when he says, ‘I haven’t been following this ACORN thing.’ This is his army — SEIU and ACORN.” Beck also said that Obama “is surrounded by these people. He’s surrounded by SEIU, and he’s surrounded by ACORN. While ACORN may have — be back one step, SEIU and ACORN are the same.”

What’s the big deal? Beck happens to be right on all counts.

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