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A Spoonful of Saccharine: American People Support Obamacare (If You Define "American People" to Mean "Mostly Leftists")

Posted on September 30 2009 1:00 pm
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Lat night, Rachel Maddow had another one of her “TRUTH about the LIES about ACORN” segments, but it was not worth dwelling on. Most of the segment was a rehash of what Maddow has been saying for the past week—ACORN is essentially good, the right wing is out to smear this organization unjustly, yada, yada, yada. She had the same guest—long-time ACORN apologist Peter Dreier—on to repeat essentially the same lines he had offered the last time he was on her show. Maddow apparently subscribes to the strategy that a lie becomes believable if you repeat it often enough.

She also spent a great deal of time trying to convince her audience of the lie (addressed and thoroughly debunked at NewsReal here, here and here, as well as other sites here and here) that Obama’s political director did not previously work for ACORN.

But we want to focus on Maddow’s earlier segment on health care, in which she played clips from Democratic Senators citing a public opinion poll supposedly in support of government health care. Maddow used this supposed support as a talking point to attack Republicans as being out-of-touch. But who exactly is it that is divorced from the facts?

Maddow had this to say about the poll:

“In fact, 65 percent of Americans are so afraid of the public option that they said in the last New York Times/CBS poll that they would please like a public option, 65 percent. You know, the least surprising news of the day today was that not a single Republican would vote in accordance with that 65 percent of the American people.”

Howard Dean, that level-headed purveyor of fact.

Howard Dean, that level-headed purveyor of fact.

This alleged fact was repeatedly cited by Maddow, Senator Rockefeller (D-West Virginia), and Maddow guest Howard “YEARGH!” Dean.  The problem is that in the poll, the American people only support health care when you redefine “American people” to look exactly like a leftist’s dream.

The poll that Maddow cites is here. There is no doubt that the poll actually does say that 64% of respondents believe that the government should insure health care for all Americans. But let’s take a closer look at this poll.

Here, you can find the breakdown of the poll by party demographics.  Republicans represent 24%, Democrats 38%, and Independents 31% of respondents, with 8% not affiliated. Nevermind that this equals 101%, we will assume that’s due to rounding issues.

party_affiliatonWhat is striking is how vastly different that sampling is from the populace at large. Let’s take a look at some recent polling data as to the political affiliation of the American people. According to Rasmussen—the most accurate and reputable of pollsters—America looks something like this: 37.3% Democrats, 32.6% Republicans, and 30.2% independent or unaffiliated. Both this poll and the NYT/CBS poll sample the populace at large—not likely voters, where Republicans are represented in higher numbers.

So, the NYT poll under-represents Republicans by 37.5%. When you ask a crowd composed mostly of Democrats and other leftists and left-leaners, you can, predictably, find support for government-sponsored health care.

But what does the public at large really think about ObamaCare? Well, according to Rasmussen’s latest poll, 41% support it. Turns out, conservatives and the right are more in touch with the actual pulse of America. But Maddow, Rockefeller, and Dean are free to continue to believe that the facts they see through their reality-distortion field are anything close to the truth. In fact, we hope they continue to do so right up until this latest attempt to socialize our health care system goes down in flames.

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