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Adding Illegal Aliens to Obamacare

Posted on September 29 2009 6:05 am
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Would it be immoral to deny illegal aliens the right to purchase medical insurance under Obamacare?  According to a guest on the O’Reilly Factor last night, the answer is yes ( he referred to the lawbreakers by the more benign sounding title, “undocumented” immigrants).  Some left wing Democrats in Congress are also saying that illegal aliens should be covered.

Emergency-room care is already made available to illegal aliens at the expense of American taxpayers.  Clinics to dispense the swine flu vaccine and vaccines for other highly contagious diseases should also be opened up to illegal aliens as a measure to help prevent the spread of these diseases while the illegals are living here.

However, opening up all health insurance options to illegal aliens’ full participation is essentially saying that it is OK that they broke the law to get here, and is an invitation to many others to follow.  It will also put even more strain on the entire health care system by adding exponentially to the supply of patients while the number of doctors is likely to either stay flat or decline.   This is an immoral consequence to law-abiding American citizens who will be deprived of high quality care when they need it.

President Obama says he is opposed to granting illegal aliens the right to purchase health care under his plan, either with or without subsidies.  Yet he is under intense pressure from the left wing of his party to demonstrate his commitment to radical immigration reform.

Watch for some sort of back-door measure to get the illegal aliens included, either at the outset or via Executive Order along the way.  Congressman Joe Wilson may have been right all along.

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