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Witch-hunters and anti-Semites at the Village Voice

Posted on September 28 2009 9:57 am
David Horowitz is the editor-in-chief of NewsReal Blog and FrontPage Magazine. He is the President and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His most recent book is Reforming Our Universities
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I have many times pointed out that the left’s chief political contribution to American politics is witch-hunts. The left is always searching for the racist under every bed, or the sexist or the homophobe or the Islamo-phobe. This is because the left can’t really argue its case on the facts, and its political agenda is not to refute the opposition but to eliminate it. Consquently, every conservative who has the gumption to speak up has been called a racist by leftists at some point or other. By calling everyone who opposes them a racist, progressives have drained the term of all meaning and have insulted the memory of every black person who was ever abused because of his or her race.

So much for the preamble. It seems the Village Voice has noticed that I called out an incompetent black person, and since black people are part of the left’s Endangered Species Act, no black person can be regarded as incompetent, and so Horowitz must be a racist:

“Horowitz found another black guy to beat up: Marc Lamont Hill, who had been hired by Bill O’Reilly. ‘Hill is one of a community of black intellectuals promoted well beyond their abilities,” said Horowitz.'”

Read that carefully and you could easily get the impression that I said that all black intellectuals are promoted well beyond their abilities. What I actually wrote was that

“Hill is one of a community of black intellectuals — Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson are two obvious others — promoted well beyond their abilities.”

A very different story. Notice there are no ellipses in the Village Voice account.

As it happens, this is the tail-end of the Voice story which is an attack on me as a Jew (surprise!):

David Horowitz encapsulated the general line in his headline: “Obama Attacks U.S.”

By this Horowitz meant that Obama bragged he had gotten the U.S. to “stop American torturers, close America’s torture chambers on Guantanamo, and leave Iraq (as though we were there for blood and oil).” As the first two actions would seem positive news to non-sadists, and the third won’t happen for another year (if then), perhaps “as an American and a Jew” Horowitz was most exercised by the President’s “attacks on Israel” — among these, Obama’s call to end the occupation of Arab lands. Horowitz didn’t mention that President Bush made a similar call last year.”

There are no torture chambers on Guantanamo. Israel does not occupy Arab lands; Bush’s statement is one of several disgraceful acts of his second term, and on the evidence here the Village Voice is part of the chorus calling for a second Holocaust to finish the job that Hitler started.

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