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Posted on September 28 2009 12:30 pm
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The image of Assata Shakur, a "Freedom Fighter" according to Marc Lamont Hill

The image of Assata Shakur, a "Freedom Fighter" according to Marc Lamont Hill

Marc Lamont Hill is at it again, posting twenty tweets on my reply. First the important one:

“Assata Shakur is an American hero & freedom fighter. I’ll always stand next to her.”

This says everything you need to know about Hill. He believes Communist terrorists — Shakur was a member of the “Black Liberation Army” — literally at war with the most democratic and racially integrated society in the world are heroes. And he believes that Shakur is innocent, which makes him as dumb as the average radical believer. (Shakur killed the policeman in a pitched battle 10 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act.)

The only new Hill tweets worth mentioning are numbers 10 and 11:

“The whole point of the segment wasn’t that I have expertise on Iran (which is slightly outside of the aforementioned range of expertise) but that O’Reilly wanted to get a sense of how far Ahmadinejad would have to go for the anti-war Left to support military intervention.”

On The Factor Hill made a stab at six months, and when O’Reilly called him on that said “Well maybe three” — or words to that effect (I’m reconstructing this from memory).

The correct answer Mr. Hill — the honest answer — is never.  The Left is never going to support military intervention by the United States against a Third World power confronting the “Amerikkkan empire.” If the left couldn’t support an intervention against Saddam Hussein, what makes Ahmadinejad worse?

Of course there is one caveat. Just as most — but not all — of  the left was too embarrassed immediately after 9/11 to oppose America’s intervention in Afghanistan, so most of the left will support a response to Ahmadinejad if he attacks the American mainland. But in that scenario the Left is never going to side with its own country against even so evil a dictator as Ahmadinejad.  But Marc Lamont is either too stupid to know this or too deceitful to admit it. Which is another reason that the $30,000 or $40,000 Fox is evidently paying him to be a “contributor” is a waste and an insult.

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