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Media Matters asks: Did Glenn Beck's mother really commit suicide?

Posted on September 28 2009 9:00 am
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glenn beck

Besides condemning anyone committing the latest “sin” — that is, referring to “illegal immigrants” as, er, “illegal immigrants”Media Matters‘ “senior fellows” are now devoting their considerable energy and financial resources to one of the pressing issues of our time: whether or not Glenn Beck is lying about the way his mother died.

Like you, I’ve been unable to sleep at night, obsessing about the details of a total stranger’s death by drowning back in 1979.

(If only Media Matters allotted this much online real estate to another young woman’s untimely watery demise; however, typing “Mary Jo Kopechne” into the Media Matters search function yields only four mentions, all of them chiding conservatives for being so gauche as to mention the name of the young woman who died forty years ago when she was a passenger in a car that Senator Ted Kennedy drove off a bridge.)

Using recent stories at and other outlets as a launching pad, Media Matters informs readers that:

Early one morning in May 1979, a 41-year-old divorcee named Mary Beck went boating in Washington’s Puget Sound. Her companions on the expedition were a retired papermaker named Orean Carrol, whose boat she helped launch near the Tacoma suburb of Puyallup, and Carrol’s pet dog. Exactly what happened next remains shrouded in morning mist, but among the crew, only the dog would survive the day. The boat was recovered late that afternoon adrift near Vashon Island, just north of Tacoma. It was empty but for two wallets and the frightened animal. Mary Beck’s body was discovered floating fully clothed nearby. Carrol’s corpse washed ashore at the Vashon ferry terminal the following morning.

You have to scroll pretty far down the page, however, to get to this paragraph:

“Coast Guardsman theorize that Mrs. Beck, who had a history of heart problems [and chemical abuse] and also was thought to be having a nervous breakdown, might have fallen overboard or jumped overboard,” the report says, adding that “[Mrs. Beck’s companion] Carroll attempted to save her and the result being both victims drowning.”

But what does the Coast Guard know? Sure, they were actually there, and know all about water and boats and drowning and stuff, but did any of these Coast Guard guys ever intern for a billionaire-funded “media watchdog” site? Ha! Idiots!

And how’s this for damning?

Beck’s father did not return a call seeking comment for [the] story.

See?! He’s clearly covering something up! Why else would a widower refuse to talk about his troubled wife’s death to a mainstream media reporter? But wait, there’s more:

Beck, who has talked generally about his mother’s death on the air and in interviews but has provided few details, this week declined The News Tribune‘s request for an interview.

“Provided few details?” How dare he?

Oh, and Glenn Beck is modeling his life and career on that of fellow Washingtonian… Kurt Cobain. Which I totally picked up on the first time I saw Beck wearing a big plaid shirt and strumming a guitar.

I’ll ask again: Is George Soros (the billionaire leftist who bankrolls Media Matters) getting his money’s worth?

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