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Fox’s Affirmative Action Baby Whines

Posted on September 27 2009 3:43 pm
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Marc Lamont Hill has responded to my Newsreal post about The O’Reilly Factor’s decision to make him their black in residence and to provide him a whole segment recently to share with us his views of the crisis with Iran. I pointed out that Hill’s expertise, such as it is, is hip-hop culture — the very low end, in other words, of popular music which is better known as rap. Why was Hill on at all? Because he’s Fox’s black academic. But what kind of academic? With an expertise in rap music, Hill has a professorship at Columbia University, illustrating my often made observation that our liberal arts colleges have fallen to their lowest intellectual level in 100 years.

marc-lamont-hillMy objection to Hill’s appearance as a rap professor pontificating about geopolitical issues is it fed the soft racism of low expectations and that it was in fact an insult to all those black academics who would actually have had something intelligent to say about the Iran crisis.

Hill has now had the bad judgment to respond to my post on his Twitter. This has revealed another side of Hill which is equally illuminating. His Twitter web page is wall-papered with one of his heroes, Assata Shakur — a fugitive killer, wanted for the cold-blooded murder of a New Jersey state trooper in 1973. She has been protected for all the intervening years by the most sadistic dictator in the Americas, Fidel Castro.

So here’s another dimension to the poor judgment Fox has shown in selecting

The image of Assata Shakur, the Castro-protected fugitive, that wallpapers Hill's Twitter page.

The image of Assata Shakur, the Castro-protected fugitive, that wallpapers Hill's Twitter page.

Marc Lamont Hill, out of all the black intellectuals available, to talk about cultural issues (let alone international affairs.) Hill is one of a community of black intellectuals promoted well beyond their abilities — Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West are two obvious others — who are poisoning the minds of black youth with the idea that politically correct murderers like Assata Shakur are heroes, and patriotic Americans are devils incarnate. Of course confronting O’Reilly — and cherishing his air time and Fox stipend — Hill is far more moderate on TV than he probably is in his classroom or at the public speaking venues his gig on Fox makes possible.

Hill’s twitter reply to my post is typical in its illiteracy. He says I’ve made a career out of calling people Communists and anti-Semites, as though such people don’t exist. In fact, if his admiration for a murderer in the protection of a Communist dictator is any indication, he understands that Communists do exist but just doesn’t think they deserve to be condemned. Someone like myself who has the bad manners to point out their existence, therefore, must be a red-baiter or, better yet, a “McCarthyite.”

HilUnholy Alliance - Radical Islam and the American Left by David Horowitzl’s second complaint is that I wrote a book called Unholy Alliance about radical Islam but I’m not an expert in Islam. This is supposed to take the heat off him for making inane comments on the Iranian crisis. Actually, my book — which he obviously didn’t read — is about the American left — not Islam — and is an attempt to explain its tacit alliance with the Islamic totalitarians of al-Qaeda and Hamas. This is a subject I happen to be an expert on. I have studied the American left longer and know more about it than Professor Hill does about hip-hop culture or, for that matter, about me.

PS: If Marc Lamont Hill wants to respond to this we will give him the necessary space.

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