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Larry King Owes an Apology to Larry Elder

Posted on September 25 2009 4:15 am
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Last week, on Wednesday September 16, something happened on the Larry King show that has been bugging me so much that I have, nine days later, decided to write about it.

King was harassing Larry Elder, libertarian commentator and best-selling author, about racism, implying that he (King) was upset about it and Elder somehow wasn’t. This was within the context of whether opposition to President Obama is rooted in racism.

King asked Elder, with an accusatory tone, why he wasn’t “angry” about racism, the premise being, of course, that King was a better human being because he was properly outraged. Elder answered:

“Larry, do you want me to be angry? My father does not know who his father was. He grew up in the south. He got kicked out of the house by his mom. He grew up in Jim Crow south. This is now 2009. We have a black president. We’ve had back-to-back black secretaries of state. I’m grateful that I live in America. And right now, it’s about hard work, accountability and not blaming other people. I’m not going to go there where I don’t see racism. You’re not going to make me.”

There’s something grotesque about Larry King taking the moral high ground with an African-American and telling him that he needs to start getting angry about racism, as if Elder himself doesn’t have his own personal experience with racism and hasn’t dealt with its hurt in his own soul, in his own personal way. The key issue Elder is discussing, among other things, is what human beings, whatever their color, must do to better themselves (i.e. take personal responsibility) and to improve the society in which they live under potentially adverse circumstances.

In any case, King anointed himself as the great moral conscience of the nation and of our age, stating condescendingly to Elder:

“I tell you something, somebody’s anti-Semitic, I’m angry.”

Wow! Really Larry King? Anti-Semitism bothers you and you get angry about it?

Let me see, is that why, with your inability to sleep at night because of the case of Ilan Halimi in Paris, you’ve had a whole show about the horrifying fate which that Jewish boy suffered? I suspect that even with all your posturing about your “anger” about anti-Semitism, not only have you never had a show about Ilan, but you never will.

Ilan Halimi was kidnapped by a group calling itself the “Muslim Barbarians” because he was a Jew. He was tied up and tortured for 24 days in an apartment building, with all Muslim dwellers, where numerous tenants not only heard Ilan’s screams and didn’t call the police, but came to participate in the torture. Freedom fighter Pamela Geller recounts:

“. . .the thugs cut bits of flesh off the young man. They cut his fingers and ears. They burned him with acid. They poured flammable liquid on him and set him on fire.”

In their communication with Ilan’s family, the torturers consistently referred to their captive’s Judaism and recited Koranic verses over the phone while Ilan screamed in agony.

So, Larry King, if anti-Semitism really makes you “angry,” why haven’t you had a show about this homemade concentration camp in Paris? Why haven’t you zeroed in on what theological teachings and ideology inspired it?

No, we couldn’t do that now, could we Larry? Your “anger” doesn’t take you to such politically incorrect and uncomfortable places that could, well, you know, lose you your friends, your popularity in your social circles, and, well, even more discomforting, might create enemies for you among the masses which produced Ilan’s torturers.

Is this the reason you also haven’t had a show about the roots of Islamic anti-Semitism, which has its foundation in the Koran? Hmmm, it’s fascinating: your “anger” about anti-Semitism has yet to lead you to express your moral indignation on a show about the Koran’s teaching that Jews are apes and pigs.

How many shows, Larry, have you had about the more than one hundred Muslim Students Associations on American college campuses that have refused to condemn the genocidal terror groups Hamas and Hizbullah, and have declined to repudiate the infamous Hadith (or saying of Muhammad) which calls on Muslims to kill Jews? Or is the answer obvious?

Could it be, Larry, that your “anger” about anti-Semitism isn’t, well, how could I say this … isn’t really real? Because your “anger” does not translate into noble action and true courage where it is desperately required.

But it’s understandable, Larry. Liberals and leftists have a long tradition of sacrificing  millions of human beings on the altar of their ideals. It’s not a great surprise that you will never utter Ilan Halimi’s name on your show in a genuine way – in a way that leads to an honest inquiry on your program into why he was barbarically tortured and killed.

Leave that to the Larry Elders of this world, our true modern day warriors who don’t dedicate their lives to mouthing empty slogans to please popular trendy milieus, but who stand courageously, often alone, facing hostility and ridicule, reaching out to the victims of terror to tell them we will never forget them, and denouncing their persecutors as the barbarians that they are.

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