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MSNBC's Hot Dog Palin Obsession

Posted on September 24 2009 6:42 am
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MSNBC has never been a fan of Sarah Palin.  They did their best to kill her legitimacy during the 2008 election, and in fears of a 2012 run they have continued to attack her incessantly.  Yesterday, as I watched Chris Matthews try to look serious while discussing the supposed death of conservatism, he couldn’t help but speak ill of Palin once again.  And I realized, while watching the show, that every time MSNBC shows Sarah Palin they show the same video footage of her serving hot dogs in Alaska last July. Of all the countless canned video footage — why do they use that one?

Here are multiple examples of them using the same footage:

Ed Show on 9/21:

Olbermann on 8/12 (though to be fair, Olbermann, who may be the most obsessed with Palin, does tend to use other video shots besides just the hot dog scene):

Andrea Mitchell Reports on 9/12:

Ed Show also on 9/12:

I don’t recall MSNBC using shots of Obama serving bratwurst, Hillary serving hamburgers, or Pelosi serving lies — oh, I mean fries.  Why that shot?  It adds a bit of fuel to the claims that some media treatment of Governor Palin is based on sexism and classism.  It portrays her as a simpleton carny who is good at serving up low-class food to low-class people, but certainly not ready to be President.

MSNBC, get rid of that shot and give Sarah Palin the same respect you give to politicians whom you don’t loathe or fear.

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