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MSNBC Commentator: Republicans "Want to See You Dead…They Kinda Like It When That Woman Has Cancer"

Posted on September 24 2009 3:18 am
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On the Wednesday evening edition of “The Ed Show,” MSNBC commentator Ed Schultz stated that Republicans want Americans to die, and that they enjoy it when middle-aged women contract cancer. He then suggested that moderate Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine should allow tumors to spread through her body if she ever gets cancer.

Schultz, whose program runs between episodes of Hardball, began his program by discussing the story of a woman who came to a health-care town hall meeting sponsored by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-VA. The woman told of her uninsured friend, a middle-aged woman with stomach tumors. Incensed that Cantor did not immediately suggest socializing one-sixth of the nation’s economy as a result, an increasingly unhinged Schultz began screaming (starting at 5:14 in this clip):

The Republicans lie! They want to see you dead! They’d rather make money off your dead corpse! They kinda like it when that woman has cancer and they don’t have anything for her…My God, Democrats, what’s wrong with you?! You can’t deal with these people, at all!

After equating the GOP with the Cancer Caucus, Ed brandished a death wish against Olympia Snowe…

the moderate-to-liberal Republican U.S. Senator who has expressed support for a version of the “public option.” He played a clip of Snowe asking why the Democrats are insisting on ramming the bill through the Senate within the next two weeks, then suggested (at 7:17):

Now Olympia Snowe, I’m not wishing bad on you, at all, but if you get cancer in your stomach, Senator Snowe, what I would like you to do is wait two weeks to see a doctor. Huh?! You’re telling them to suck it up.

In the same red-faced rant, Schultz had the audacity to declare: “Here’s what the Republicans and all the righty talkers and all these psychos on TV do. What they do is play on your fears, as if somebody’s gonna come take something from you.”

This is the latest in a string of over-the-top statements from MSNBC’s most pronounced ratings failure. On September 1, he invited Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-MN, “to slit her wrist right here on ‘The Ed Show.’” Despite his accelerating pleas for Republicans to die, on the August 11 edition of his radio show Schultz accused the GOP of wanting to kill the president:

Sometimes I think they [conservatives] want Obama to get shot. I do! I really think that there are conservative broadcasters in this country who would love to see Obama taken out. They fear socialism. They fear Marxism.

On September 14th, he lied that 9/12 protesters carried signs that read “Bury Obama with Kennedy,” as the television screen showed a full-screen shot of the correct sign, which read, “Bury ObamaCare with Kennedy.”


The next day, Jimmy Carter repeated Ed’s lie.

Schultz, the Left’s latest Limbaugh, is undoubtedly under tremendous pressure. His program is tanking badly, and he is notoriously thin-skinned. But the claim that Republicans want people to die is both slanderously offensive and breathtakingly hypocritical. When Ted Kennedy got a brain tumor, conservatives prayed for him. When George W. Bush heard, erroneously, that Yasser Arafat had died, he replied, “God bless his soul.” When Ronald Reagan announced his Alzheimer’s Disease, left-wing activists popped champagne corks. One of talk radio’s most uncompromising conservatives, Laura Ingraham, is a breast cancer survivor; David Horowitz has written about his experience with prostate cancer. Neither seems apt to revel should others share their fate.

No telling if MSNBC will fake its transcript to cover for Schultz’s latest blow-up.

Considering Ed began his new, left-wing career with $800,000 raised by Senate Democrats to spread their propaganda, perhaps they should be asked if they agree with his sentiments. (Arlen Specter, for one, has issued a similar blood libel concerning Jack Kemp’s death.) Will Ed’s benefactors want to be held accountable if someone shoots a Republican in “self-defense”?

For now, Schultz will have to serve as the most explosive example of MSNBC’s hate speech and a fire-breathing indictment of the far-Left network’s broadcast standards.

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