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Indoctrinating Kids with Socialism

Posted on September 23 2009 1:15 am
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Glenn Beck spread the alarm on his TV show Tuesday about an anti-capitalist, anti-individualist video that is being shown to schoolchildren across America. The video was made by former Greenpeace employee Annie Leonard and the extreme-left Tides Center, a pass-through entity that allows wealthy donors like billionaire leftist George Soros to give money to causes without the source of funds being identified.

The narrator in the partly animated video — that is nonsense from start to finish — explains that a tank should be used to symbolize the government because in the U.S. “more than 50 percent of our federal tax money is now going to the military.” Even though a tank ought to be used, the narrator said, she prefers to use a person “to symbolize the government because I hold true to the vision and values that governments should be of the people, by the people, for the people.”

“A tank to symbolize the government?” asks Beck. “We are a bunch of war mongers — not only are they vilifying the military here, but they are completely wrong: 50 percent of taxpayer money does not go to the military. It’s actually more like 20 percent — they intentionally take out Medicaid and Medicare and Social Security from the equation.”

The narrator explains that because “governments should be of the people, by the people, for the people,” the proper role of government is “to watch out for us — to take care of us. That’s their job.”

After this embrace of Big Government paternalism, the narrator begins bashing corporate America. “Then along came the corporation,” she says. Referring to a drawing of a top hat-wearing fat cat (shown at the top of this blog post), she says “the reason the corporation looks bigger than the government is that the corporation is bigger than the government.”

The implication must be that corporations are scary and must be controlled.

She then explains that 

We’re running out of resources. We are using too much stuff. Now I know this can be hard to hear, but it’s the truth and we’ve got to deal with it. In the past three decades alone, one-third of the planet’s natural resources space has been consumed. We are cutting and mining and hauling and trashing the place so fast that we’re undermining the planet’s very ability for people to live here. Where I live, in the United States, we have less than 4 percent of our original forests left.

There’s hardly a true fact in the entire video, Beck notes, adding:

Four percent of our original forests left? They get that stat from that says 95-98 percent of forests in the continental United States have been logged at least once since settlement by Europeans. But they literally ignore the crazy — wacky — fact that trees can be replanted. This is the kind of education your kids are getting. Feeling good, America?

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